Hunan wild wild Ganoderma lucidum found 11 feet long weight of more than and 10

Hunan found large wild Ganoderma lucidum 11 feet long and weighed more than and 10 pounds – Beijing, September 13th Hunan daily news (reporter Tang Shanli correspondent Yang Fan Li Xianzhi) in September 12th, a farmer in Lanshan County Bridge Yao Township picked a giant wild fungus in the depths of the mountains accident. The 80 cm long, 1 meters wide, 11 feet long at the bottom of a small, commonly known as the "toe", weighing about 5.3 kg. This wild Ganoderma lucidum is not only big, but also strange shape. Deep reddish purple, with positive gloss paint and radial wrinkles, the edge is also a Phnom Penh faint. Far from looking like a purple umbrella. To this wild Ganoderma lucidum is a mountain of old yaonong. The old man’s nephew said a few days ago, the old man into the depths of mountain herbs, in a hundred years tree, accidentally discovered a giant fungus strains. He looked at it and was surprised to find that it might be a giant Ganoderma lucidum. So he hurried down the mountain and called on his nephew with a few people together will return to the mountains, mountain mining Ganoderma lucidum. With Chinese herbal medicine played fifty years with old Chinese Ceng Fanbin affirmed the authenticity of this fungus, but like such a huge wild Ganoderma lucidum, he is also the first time to see. Zeng said that the ancient Chinese medicine Ganoderma lucidum grow so large, at least a hundred years, very precious.相关的主题文章: