Huo Yong announced that cardiovascular group received $100 million investment will help grassroots

Abstract Peking University Hospital heart center director Yong Yong announced that the country’s first cardiovascular group received 100 million yuan angel investment, the group will help more than 800 County medical institutions in the past 3 years. Source: health sector Author: Li Zijun

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heart center of No.1 Hospital of Peking University, chairman of Huo Yong has another identity, Huayi Xincheng doctor group.

January 6th, by Huo Yong, Chinese academician Ge Junbo and other domestic well-known experts in the field of cardiovascular led by the Huayi Xincheng doctor group (hereinafter referred to as Huayi Xincheng) in Beijing announced the acquisition of 100 million yuan angel investment, and the new development roadmap announced: helping to assess in 3 years more than 800 county-level medical institutions, the signing of more than 6000 cardiovascular physicians ability, more than 3000 doctors.

Huayi Xincheng was founded in March 2016, is China’s first focus on the field of cardiovascular disease doctor group.

doctor group is the most important thing is still optimistic about the disease for patients, no matter how much money to earn, but the disease did not look good, it does not make any sense." Huo Yong said at the press conference.

Huo Yong

Ge Junbo: never established cardiovascular doctors group is to make a few more support data show that China cardiovascular disease has been as high as 290 million, average every 5 adults 1 people suffering from cardiovascular disease, in addition to nearly 100 million of the population at risk for cardiovascular disease, there is no doubt that cardiovascular disease has become a major public health problems in china. In particular, it is noteworthy that, from 2000 onwards, the incidence of cardiovascular disease in rural areas and the rapid rise in the city, cardiovascular disease accounted for the death of urban and rural residents in the first place. According to epidemiological survey data, the incidence and mortality of cardiovascular disease in the next ten years is difficult to decline.

"to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease prevention and prevention." academician Ge Junbo pointed out that, in the face of a narrow rescue time window, the need for lifelong rehabilitation guidance of 290 million patients with cardiovascular disease, grassroots intervention is the best way to prevent cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, the weak foundation of health care is the current dilemma. The basic system of facing talent shortage, technology and management system is not complete, do not leave with other issues, and the "flying" to form consultation system to solve the problem system construction in grass-roots hospital.

academician Ge Junbo also mentioned that the establishment of a cardiovascular specialist group, is not to let the doctor make a few more support, but the establishment of a system, and effectively improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular specialist at the grassroots level in our country.

"Huayi Xincheng was established in the first place, is to focus on cardiovascular system construction and the overall level of;