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Huo Zhengyan once again challenge the villain "anger" hero lead collective Tucao – Sohu   entertainment; Huo Zhengyan once again challenge the villain " " Sohu; entertainment news directed by Mao Weining, Wang Lei, Deng Jiajia, Huo Zhengyan starred in the drama "the fury hero" is Jiangsu TV hit. Unlike the past war drama, the play will focus on the contradiction between Yuan Shuai (Wang Lei) and Yuan Ye (Huo Zhengyan ornaments) this pair of brothers who, along with the development of the plot. Gradually degenerated into hundred-percent villain. From I to maiguoqiurong yuan, also led the audience collective tucao. "This is the worst new height, I think I can do" villain specialist "!" Huo Zhengyan jokes. "The bad brother hero" in the familiar anger war drama, the degree of hatred of the traitors, sometimes even higher than that of Japanese hatred. They are native Chinese, but for the personal interests of compatriots in pain. In the hit series "fury hero", played by Huo Zhengyan, also, is such a figure. The yuan is the younger brother Yuan Shuai, brother and mother of the cultivation of love, let the high degree he not sorrow taste. In the face of the ensuing changes, obviously wrong. Under yuan even possessed by ghosts, began to help Japanese opium trade, became the Japanese fascist enslavement China executioner, and killed his own mother and father Xue Liqun. After the episode aired, the yuan also met with the audience collective Tucao, "" maiguoqiurong "" devoid of gratitude "traitors" became his label. Into strong sense of audience, and even went to the micro-blog Huo Zhengyan tucao. However, Huo Zhengyan himself was quite calm, he even appeared repeatedly villain has been accustomed to. "Not what ah, I played well! The audience is not abuse me, is also what I yuan, not happy?" Huo Zhengyan said. Indeed, since his debut, Huo Zhengyan seems to have been the "villain" image. In the "two flower", he played boss Ouyang Teng in order to get subtly malicious, the right of inheritance, exhausted all means to take revenge Qin mo (Hawick Lau ornaments); in the hit series "love ladder", Huo Zhengyan played a rich young master Song Ziyang, in order to get Chen Qiuyan (Zhang Meng ornaments) of the heart, even at the cost of commercial espionage, the family business almost to be destroyed on one day. However, many netizens said, compared with the "Heroes" in anger. Song Ziyang, Ouyang Teng and the "bad", just pale into insignificance by comparison. Inventory of users. The "seven sins" "hero" in anger. How bad, can let netizen accusation? There is also the inventory of users, the "seven sins", from the list to maiguoqiurong egoistic, very detailed. The user pointed out that the first person to lose this role is also disgusted, that is, grab big brother girlfriend". The play, Yuan Shuai and Xue Wanning from childhood sweetheart, two have had booked doll close. However, it is also like yuan Xue Wan on the doings of ghosts and gods love lemon, and a showdown directly to the big brother, who want to fulfill their own. In addition users also summed up.相关的主题文章: