Husband and wife agreed to add the name of the daughter of the property in the real estate 20 years 9c8996

The divorce agreement with her husband of 20 years in the name of real estate did not fulfill the promise of Jiangyin man Zhang and his wife Zhao estranged daughter Zhang agreed to follow the divorce agreement, after marriage life, but there are registered in the name of Zhang and Zhang to the daughter of a house, but the property permits to add her name. Divorce, her daughter in elementary school. After 20 years, marrying the daughter to know their parents divorce while the contents of the agreement, and asked his father to name on real estate license, was rejected. Mother Zhao ex husband Zhang court. Zhang believes that has over 20 years of civil rights and longest limitation, dismissing their appeal request. The day before, Jiangyin court held that the right of claim lawsuit has the property right, does not apply the provisions of the statute of limitations. After mediation, Zhang eventually compensate her daughter 240 thousand. And as for property and name daughter refused Jiangyin man Zhang and Zhao young woman after marriage, feelings of life in general, although the students have a daughter, but the contradiction between the two sides continue to deepen. 1995, Zhang and his wife Zhao signed a divorce agreement, agreed to follow her father Zhang’s life, a total of married but registered in the name of a person under the name of Zhang Zhang and his daughter all the house, plus the name of the daughter of real estate license. After the divorce, just on the primary school daughter always follow father Zhang lives, two people together, feeling very good. Junior high school daughter, Zhang father remarried, and had second children, after all, limited energy, before Zhang daughter care does not seem so thoughtful, plus the stepmother Zhang also isn’t close to the thick, gradually the rift between father and daughter. Zhang went to university, he and Zhao mother living together, after graduating from university into different places, no contact with his father zhang. 2015, Zhang learned from her parents that the contents of the divorce agreement, then find his father, I hope he added her name on the real estate license, but was rejected by his father. Under the mother Zhao angrily, her ex husband Zhang court, asked Zhang to assist the Zhang registered as co owners of housing. As the third man and father to daughter. Statute of limitations into the focus in the end there is no more than 20 years of maximum litigation limitation? In this case, the ex-wife Zhao litigation over 20 years of the longest civil rights and interests of the statute of limitations, to become the biggest focus of controversy. Zhang argued in court, his daughter grew up, the relationship between the two is very good, without the occurrence of extreme conflict, have dealings with him Zhang after graduation, marriage didn’t invite him to the wedding, as the father felt very sad. Therefore, he does not agree with the name of his daughter in the real estate. At the same time, Zhang argued that he and his ex-wife Zhao in 1995 to divorce, to sue the date of the prosecution, the actual time has been more than 20 years of the longest civil rights litigation. Therefore, Zhao’s prosecution over the civil dispute for the longest 20 years of limitation of action, the court rejected the request of Zhao’s lawsuit. Zhao and daughter believes that the case limitation does not apply, because the claim is actually third people confirmed Zhang Shisu for housing owners and shall carry out registration provisions, so the limitation does not apply. Even if the application of the statute of limitations, the plaintiff Zhao prosecution did not exceed the statute of limitations, because the two sides did not agree in the divorce agreement dispute housing property rights.相关的主题文章: