Huzhou off a gang of 15 thousand kilograms of turtle turtle less than half a few days-ca1816

Huzhou Duandiao theft gang turtle 15 thousand kilograms less than half the tortoise a few days not a few do not know, a jump. Recently, Huzhou Donglin town turtle farmers Xu, find their own ponds, 15 thousand kilograms of turtle only half, quickly called the police to the police. Things have to start in September 26th. That morning, Xu hurried to the East police station, said he farmed more than 7 thousand kilograms of stolen tortoises, loss of millions of dollars. Originally a few days ago, Xu found himself in the pond several breeding turtles feed feed total surplus, in good weather day, the tortoise also rarely in the pool with the wood of the sun, which aroused his suspicions. After careful inventory, Xu found that he was really a lot of turtle breeding. Coincidentally, on the morning of September 26th, Xu in the breeding pond on the road found a suspected theft the suspect vehicle, he quickly drove to catch the thief stealing Gang turtle but personally, the suspect escaped. When it was dark, Xu saw a brown car from the front and galloped off, and the suspect vehicle brand style, license plate number and car personnel did not see, so after dawn he came to East police station. In October 5th, the police station received the area farmers again Lin Yang alarm, said he farmed 500 kilograms of Japanese soft shelled turtle is stolen, according to the market price of 20 yuan a catty price to calculate the loss of nearly 2 yuan. After the alarm, Wuxing District Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police rushed to the scene to carry out investigation of the tortoise theft scene. According to the survey found that the suspect is installed in the middle of the wall through the gates pond to move bricks, drill into the pond turtle theft from the gap, and the number of crime suspects more than once. In just two weeks, the case for a time, the turtle farmers along the East jittery. Wuxing police immediately according to Xu provides important clues, the transfer of the surrounding surveillance video, through analysis, information comparison found that the suspect vehicle appeared in the early morning of September 26th near the Xu family pond is the owner of the driver, the police through rigorous investigation and unremitting efforts, gradually to a surface by Yuan Mouwu, Yuanmou, beam in a large theft gang headed turtle. October 11th morning, Wuxing police to track the gang members on the one hand, on the other hand, took control of other members of the gang, was removed after the final track, were arrested in 4 at the Hangzhou housing in Xiaoshan suspect Yuan Mouwu, Yuanmou, Liang, Liang Moujie, Liang Mouwen, Liang Moudong, Jin, Liang Moulong, Yuanmou and Yuan Mouming 9 who seized a bag, snakeskin and so a number of tools of crime of theft and 2 cars. Subsequently, the police in Xiaoshan aquatic products wholesale market has arrested suspected stolen goods personnel Zhao Mouyun, Shou song, Hu Mouyan and other 3 people. Thus, a "steal sales through-train" stealing Gang uprooted turtle. According to the suspects confessed Yuan Mouwu, gang members are from Guangxi to Binyang, they are not only the villagers, some even sons and brothers, had been working in Xiaoshan, found that Huzhou area popular yanggui Donglin, think the turtle stole profitable, then collusion theft testudinate. Since September of this year,.相关的主题文章: