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"I am the" high Yihan ratings gains across the board Zhu Yuchen CP won the praise of the Sohu and Zhu Yuchen stills entertainment high Yihan "Red Iron Lady" high Yihan Nie nine and Shen Yiping sweet memories Sohu entertainment news by Zhu Yuchen, high Yihan starring Red Army youth idol drama "I am red" is Zhejiang TV hit in China blue theater. At present, the play has been broadcast more than half, Zhu Yuchen and Yihan relationship is gradually high "in the process of fighting in the thaw, and high Yihan increasingly believe that Zhu Yuchen’s leadership. Many viewers said, looking at the total in the awkward CP, do not feel a sense of meng. Gao said that in how to accurately show the Nie nine and Yi Ping state, Zhu Yuchen gave him a lot of help. "I am the" high Yihan rosy ratings plot touching feelings and Zhu Yuchen "thaw" always, "I am the Red Army" to the ups and downs of the plot, small see big angle, the Reds and the spirit of sacrifice to attract, touched countless viewers. The number of actors acting through the screen, as if the audience back to the war in the flames of war. Many viewers said that these young people have never experienced a good interpretation of the war of the Red Army soldiers brave and resolute spirit. The high Yihan as the only major female Red Army also gain a lot in favor of eyes, many fans for its message every day, just to see you "," bad word ping". The play has been broadcast more than half, has been affecting the audience Nie nine and Shen Yiping in a dangerous battle again, feelings gradually thaw, and the ability to recall Ping Nie nine also more and more confident. In the process of rescue in the autumn of Artemisia Village elder brother Pu, is with the whole Nie nine action, and accepted the play "Nie mrs.". To change the attitude of Shen Yiping, let the audience happy, there is that the audience is the dragon baby back to "suicide note" Yi Ping let recognize his heart, the audience is more bluntly, finally saw the nine Nie hope". "Weird adorable" CP won the praise of the high Yihan thank Zhu Yuchen for help in Yi Ping and Nie nine after the reunion, because Yi Ping of three years ago has suffered almost never to brood on, Nie nine sacrifice in a benign countenance, Cui head, Yi Ping as mature many, finally can face the past, sensible Nie nine. Although she was often dissatisfied with some of the nine little tricks, but no longer as before to turn away. Even in the nine Nie said Yi Ping is his wife, was pregnant, although she grudgingly, also helped the nine Nie the words round down, only when no one to complain about their dissatisfaction with the nine nie. But this scene is just poked a lot of the audience’s heart, said the way to get along with the two is uncomfortable Meng, very interesting. The members of the opposite Yi Ping and Nie nine love, high Yihan said that thanks to Zhu Yuchen for his help. "At first, I was afraid of their lack of experience, and the rain to add trouble, so I do my homework ahead of time, in the shooting will be more communication with him. The rain elder brother gave me some suggestions, after I finish with his way of acting, he will try to cooperate with me, run in, let us have a tacit understanding of each other, the more the more the more smooth. And he’s on me"相关的主题文章: