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"I am your eyes" to Shanghai Huang Lei Lei Hao miss love entertainment Tencent (Wen Hu Mengying)’s inspirational emotional drama "I am your eyes" will visit the TV channel in August 30th, the four free 19:00 every night. August 29th, Shanghai TV channel held the actor will be met, the old drama of bone source, Zhang Ying, Du Rong Rong went to the site to share the wonderful story behind the scene. The drama over a century at the end of 70s the countryside youth life as the historical background, tells a touching story of a rural woman and countryside youth emotion experience and inspirational struggle. According to reports, it is not a pure youth drama, the play has a lot of space is about to host after cm together fate, through a rural woman’s emotional and inspirational stories, to show more profound emotion between the people. To the audience a silent guardian, but in love with vigour and vitality of. After the movie "the murder of Huang Jue and Lei Hao" time, work together again. Lei Hao in the play as a rural woman Tian Chunni, dare to love and hate, kind and honest. For a variety of reasons and his wife Chen Huang Jue staged a love to continue to miss the love, began thirty years of entanglement. Divided into many years, and their families, but because of the "blood" ties to the fate of closely linked. At the end of two to complete the "I am your eyes" commitment to their emotional experience as the center, several families of emotional entanglements and inspirational struggle slowly to the older generation. Zhang Ying, as a famous actor in China’s National Theatre, plays the mother of Zheng Yuzhi, and has a lot of opponents of the drama of the game, so that people look forward to the collision of a fierce spark of the spark, and then, as a result of the collision between the Chinese and foreign artists, as well as the world’s most famous actor in the world, the Chinese National Theatre of the world, as well as. The conference site, Zhang Ying said he played in the drama is Chen’s mother-in-law, one family enjoyable. Talk about drama and drama difference, Zhang Ying said: we must go to the theater for the theater to watch, as the audience is far away from the stage, the actors need to use exaggerated gestures to show people the story, and everyone in the family will be able to watch TV, more affinity and life. She admitted that with a few old play bone play is also very understanding, I hope to have the opportunity to work together. Two national level actor Rong Rong plays a strictly true mother Zhu Huimin, acting online at the same time, are still beautiful. Rong Rong, from Shanghai, Changning District, said that the TV show could be broadcast in his hometown and was very kind. Rong Rong said a good actor is like wine, like sweet and sour source Du teacher of French wine, needs to taste the unique flavor for a long time. And Zhang Ying, like a light taste of Australian red wine, gives a very comfortable feeling of life. For the audience to the most wanted to play the role of the problem, she said he would like to challenge a woman even if there is a big difficulty to laugh at the role of women in life.相关的主题文章: