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"I am your eyes hit" Rong Rong turned "down to earth" mother – Sohu entertainment   Rong Rong turned down to earth; " " mother Sohu entertainment news by Lei Hao, Huang Jue, Rong Rong, and other inspirational drama "Du source I am your eyes" is the Shanghai TV channel broadcast the drama over a century in 70s the countryside youth life as the background, describes the emotional experiences and inspirational stories about the struggles of a group of people. Rong Rong plays the role of Zhu Huimin is a principled intellectual, but also a love of the child’s mother. Today, the major idol drama full screen, I am your eyes to refresh the audience’s vision. "I am your eyes" to restore the height of the situation at that time, Rong Rong played Yan Zhenzhen’s mother, is a principle with the idea of the intellectuals, but at the same time on her daughter’s behavior is very tangled, concerns in the contradiction between the law and daughter in love. In the play, she is honest and kind, let us see the other side of the original Rong Rong Rong Rong, in addition to wealthy mother, she is also very down to earth. Review of Rong Rong’s past classic image, Rong Rong is in tidal range of children is to conquer the audience, in numerous film and television drama, as a popular idol star’s mother, the audience was affectionately known as national my mom". In "the world is hot shot to taste is" Qing Huan, Rong Rong plays Tong Dawei’s mother, in the "August Weiyang", Rong Rong played Victoria Song’s mother, it is one of the most popular Rongzhen Rong favorite national my mom. But in "I am your eyes", Rong Rong’s image is very down to earth, the mother is very close to our real life, she once again to refresh the audience’s vision.   相关的主题文章: