I give up to me announced profile Qi hang challenge male entertainment Sohu subtly malicious schemin boee

"I give up to me" announced profile Qi hang challenge scheming male entertainment Sohu subtly malicious Qi hang played in the "sinister subtly malicious Kang star" in a corner of the Sohu entertainment news recently, starring Joe Chen, Wang Kai and Qiao Renliang are urban drama "give up my grasp I announced" file December 11th landing Hunan TV Golden Eagle independent broadcast theater broadcast. "I give up" to me according to the popular author Donghwasa novel of the same name, is about in the glamorous fashion industry, designer Li Weiwei (Joe Chen ornaments) amnesia, with their original love boyfriend Chen Yidu (Wang Kaishi), in the workplace and in the life of "kill love", staged a quarrelsome lovers. Urban love story. The strength of the actor Qi hang played Li Weiwei’s colleagues in the play, a sinister subtly malicious "Kang star", much of the audience expect. It is understood that before the "Qi hang completely subvert the amorous Jiangshan" has a strong sense of justice loyal bodyguard "ICAS" perfect image, distinctive incarnation of the villain. As the villain, Qi hang as the "Kang star" plays a key role in advancing the story, he means Ayutthaya deep, sinister, women "in order to obtain benefits through deliberately plan played by Joe Chen Li Weiwei" company, step-by-step sabotage against Li Weiwei, she and Wang Kai, Qiao Renliang’s feelings. The relationship between several stars become absolute is a perplexing, cold-blooded scheming subtly malicious male, is a major highlight of the play. Full play to the role of justice, for love, Qi hang the solidly done a villain, regardless of the feelings of the characters changes, or character of the language movement eyes, Qi Hangdu carefully interpret, believe to bring the audience a different role experience. It is reported that the ancient Qi hang starring for the ancient word "not" giant solitary Fang reward set file on Hunan TV New Year drama, the drama brings together Zhong Hanliang, Angelababy and other stars starred in, looking forward to the strength of the interpretation of Qi hang the audience will bring more surprises.   相关的主题文章: