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  The answer; yes, the next question; how? The only thing that’s stopping anyone including you from making money online without an investment of cash is the knowledge that very few people possess.   Fortunately you’re reading this article written from a man who does this very thing right now as you read this.   It’s very possible to make money online with no investment other than your time. I was amazed at the ease in which I made my first sale online without ever having to spend a single dime, I just duplicated this method many times over until I had enough income to quit my job and live a life I always dreamed of.   First of all I must tell you that everyone should invest their time on writing articles and use them to promote products that they’re interested in.   Articles rate as one of the most effective and fastest ways to profit online from spending no cash what so ever.   It builds your credibility as an expert in the area you choose to write about. You can write about cars or small parts of it, write about plants or even write articles about animals if that’s your interest.   The fastest way to write article is to write about you interest or your mistakes. Your article can then promote a solution you have found to prevent others from making that same mistake or to share ideas about your related interest.     A technique that can make you profits within 24-78 hours from now.   I have endless techniques of making money with articles and I’m going to show you one I use each and everyday that’s simple and free.   This rates as one of my best techniques that make money with no money spent and also gets me ranking in the search engines for targeted keywords.   You want to write an article around a keyword that gets a decent amount of searches a month and rank well for that article in the search engines. You also want to provide quality information for your readers so they trust you and follow your recommendations for a product you promote.   First of all use the overture keyword suggestion tool for finding keywords that people search for. Then type in the keyword related to your article that you will write about.   You will most likely type in a very broad term so this will generate lots of related searches.   Don’t target this broad term because it will have to much competitors, target those keywords that have approximately 100-1000 searches a month and check to see in Google how that keyword is being covered by your competition.   Now you want to write a very compelling article about the subject that will draw in you visitors. You will get visitors from the sites you promote your articles to as well as the search engines for ranking you in the top ten for that keyword.   All you have to do; scatter the keyword or keyword phrase that you’re targeting a few times throughout the article and you should rank well for it because of the low competition. Put it in the title of the article, to the top of the body of the article and then throughout the body a couple more times. Lastly put it in the last paragraph near the ending.   My friends this is a very simple tactic I use everyday to create simple little traffic machines but it always boils down to creating a quality article that provides valuable information to readers.   I suggest you spend some time researching how to make money with no money online using compelling and excellently written articles. 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