Illegal cultivation of genetically modified into the criminal law experts are required to set up the-kamikaze love

The penalty for illegal cultivation of transgenic imperative experts have mentioned the establishment of new gene technologies – – network crime reporter Zhang Wei transgenic illegal cultivation and diffusion, is causing more attention to the relevant departments. Ministry of agriculture for the current mainly rely on administrative law enforcement to combat this kind of behavior has been feeling is not enough, and the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council and other relevant departments, as the crime of illegal business into the criminal law to be regulated. In this regard, said several experts in criminal law to accept the "Legal Daily" interview with reporters, the criminal involved in the illicit cultivation of GM and diffusion is imperative, but whether in accordance with the crime of illegal business crime, is controversial. Some experts have suggested that it should set up a new charge, that is, the crime of gene technology. Liaoning Xinjiang have exposed the illegal cultivation of genetically modified maize in Xinjiang recently exposed the illegal cultivation of genetically modified problem, let’s return to the limelight. Fuhai County of Aletai district is located in the north of Xinjiang of a piece of 2000 acres of maize production, in May of this year were detected in male transgenic varieties, followed by the relevant department of agriculture requirements all eradicated and fined 10 thousand yuan. In August 31st, Aletai district seed management station, has invited experts to someone’s fields of corn seed enterprises loss identification. September 5th, the Ministry of agriculture officials responded that: at present, all the illegal proliferation of genetically modified events are related to R & D units. This event in Xinjiang, but also intends to R & D units, is stolen from abroad, is the pursuit of personal business interests. This season to farms in the United States, hand break a stick, you can set out." Xinjiang is not alone. Prior to this, Liaoning also exposed not genetically modified corn approved by the state, and has penetrated into all aspects of local seed sales, planting, grain purchase and market circulation etc.. According to the Ministry of agriculture officials, China’s development of genetically modified crops are very strict supervision, to experimental research, experiment, environmental release, production test and safety certificate in 5 stages, safety supervision, one aspect of the problem to be immediately terminated, no longer enter the next stage. The only allowed commercial planting of genetically modified cotton and transgenic papaya, in addition, the use of genetically modified crops are not experimental use of illegal behavior. Provisions of low rank punishment faults why so strict supervision system still has a fish escaped through the Seine? The bigger problem is unclear. The Ministry of agriculture officials said, in addition to the national research and development projects, some of the transgenic research carried out spontaneously, how many, who is doing, the base is not clear. At present, the research unit engaged in transgenic research China hundreds, not including the "underground workers", "smuggled from abroad such as the experiment, may have hundreds of" the official said. Regulatory weakness, in the study of gene crime for many years, Nanchang University law school professor Xiong Yongming seems, with the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the gene technology is relatively low. "It is mainly limited to administrative regulations and administrative rules and regulations, and most of them are the guiding documents". And the relevant provisions of the rough.相关的主题文章: