Improve any Decor by Scenting the Home Properly

A lovely aroma is something every home should have. There are many studies that clearly show how scent affects human behavior. The right smells make it possible for people to relax, feel more optimistic and feel happier. A pleasant smell also makes a home seem cleaner and more welcoming when guests enter. Perhaps one of the most motivating factors for scenting a home in a specific manner would be the suggestion that it is one of the easiest ways to create the desired mood the room design is meant to impart. There are some very obvious examples of this type of home aromatherapy.

Enticing the Appetite

The smell of chocolate chip cookies or an apple pie warming in the oven suggests a traditional, busy home where something amazing is always in production. The refreshing smell of vanilla can boost an appetite and make a kitchen seem warmer and more enticing. Cinnamon or cranberry scents could awaken the memory of special holiday meals. All of these scents encourage people to come into the kitchen or dining room and stay for a while.

Soothing the Soul

Entering a bedroom scented with lavender is soothing and helps people to relax. Chamomile or sandalwood also provoke a restful, calming sensation. When paired with soft lighting and comfortable bedding it will make any bedroom feel like the most comforting spot in the home.

Energizing the Air

Peppermint and orange are just two scents that researchers have determined to be useful for adding an energy boost. Using these in spaces like home gyms, offices or other work areas will help to keep people active and productive. It is even more effective when paired with energy boosting colors like yellow and red.

The use of oils in diffusers makes it possible to add the aroma and the mood enhancer that best suits each room and its design. Diffusers are safer than candles and are easier to tuck away in a room, so they do not become the center of attention. Essential oils are a cleaner and easier way for enjoyable scent without it becoming overwhelming. Homeowners should consider what mood they are setting for each room and seek out scents that help to promote that feeling.