In 2025, China and Russia will threaten the reputation of all satellite program’s strong hand xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

In 2025, China and Russia will threaten the reputation of all satellite program’s strong hand data figure: China midcourse missile interception test picture exposure original title: the reputation of China and Russia in 2025 will threaten all satellite program’s strong hand 23 days according to the Russian satellite network reported that the U.S. Air Force General Nina · Al Magrino claimed that prior to 2025, Russia and Chinese will pose a threat to all U.S. space satellites. "If the United States intends to take measures to curb these opponents, it should be a strong position to deal with this matter". "Russia and China could threaten our satellites by 2025, no matter what they are," she said. If the United States and our allies are going to take steps to curb our opponents, we should deal with it in a very strong position". Al Magrino made the remarks at a meeting in Colorado on the transfer of advanced telescopes to the U.S. air force to monitor space. The world’s most advanced equipment, built in New Mexico, was handed over to the U.S. Air Force in October 18th. According to Al Magrino, the telescope can monitor 10000 space objects, and even baseball sized objects are within the scope of surveillance". She said, "there are competing interests in space, which may make the United States and its allies disagree". According to the U.S. national interest magazine website published in October 19th entitled "why Russia should fear the United States X-37B aerospace plane" article said that at present China and Russia is actively developing anti satellite weapons, make important satellite America and its allies on the serious threat. The article points out that in this case, X-37B aerospace aircraft, military space capabilities will make change through expansion ability, the space plane can provide close protection for the United States and its allies to attack threat against space-based assets, before entering the enemy range, as a Sino Russian anti satellite weapons system "nemesis". The article said that the X-37B unmanned space plane designed to perform highly secret long endurance missions. The United States officially called the orbital test vehicle, is used to test the United States will be able to return to the earth in the space flight experiments and analysis of reusable spacecraft technology". Since April 2010, the implementation of a total of four tasks, the fourth task since May 20, 2015 is still in operation. It is designed with the aid of Atlas V rocket booster launch, the U.S. Air Force inventory has two running X-37B. The current task is testing a new type of ion engine called the Holzer effect booster. The United States Air Force’s first advanced extremely high frequency (AEHF) satellite of a rocket engine failure, it is the Holzer booster pushed it to the right track, saved the satellite. Holzer booster than traditional ion booster thrust, continues to advance, the space plane can reach a speed of about 50 km per second, even more than NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft faster now, Voyager 1 is at a speed of 17 kilometers per second out of the solar system. They keep satellites in orbit in a cost effective manner"相关的主题文章: