In the history of the most complete Harbin ice and snow world garden Raiders the first my resume off

Harbin ice and snow world since the park opened, tens of thousands of foreign tourists every day reception. 11 in the morning every day, the ice and snow world outside the park began, heavy traffic racket. The ticket window lined up parking lot lined up, security checkpoints lined up into the park, is everywhere lined up the crowd, big slide, snow circle, Kazakhstan ice show several hot spots more so.

in recent days, the reporter to the identity of the tourists in the ice and snow depth of the world to play a few times, with the exchange of tourists, we found that in fact, the understanding of the world of ice and snow is not deep enough. Some visitors into the park do not know how to play, how to see? Turn around and feel very cold, wanted to go abroad, found that 330 yuan tickets really worth? In view of this problem, the reporter through the depth of play and visit, and finally completed the history of the most comprehensive one of the "Harbin ice and snow world garden Raiders", and will be released in recent days to everyone. We will introduce: snow world the most comprehensive information, Raiders, Raiders, Raiders eat pure pure, of course the most reasonable time that you read all the Raiders, Raiders, will see light suddenly, will be more like the ice and snow world.

today, "first we will introduce the Raiders my resume", we take anthropomorphic perspective to introduce you to a Harbin ice world "guy", let us understand the specific situation of it.

Harbin ice world

my name is Harbin ice world, the following is my personal situation

Name: Harbin ice world


date of birth: December 31, 1999

age: 18

nation: Han

political outlook: Party member

annual income: 250000000 yuan (thank you for your support)

visitors: 1700000 (2016 data)

my website:

my micro-blog: @ Harbin ice world

my motto: Ode to ice and snow, meet Harbin

my name is Harbin ice world, the following is my family situation

family members:

father: Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

mother: Harbin snow world Limited by Share Ltd

son: Snow (SNOW) 6 years old