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Data: the United States election in five key states decided the presidency – Sohu news   the US Election: five key states to decide the presidency in winning key state poll data can directly reflect the two presidential candidates of the offensive and defensive situation. Obama not only continued to lead 6 to 7 percentage points in the national polls, but also in most key states. The United States presidential election is not directly elected, but the electoral system. Voters voted for 538 voters on behalf of the state of and the District of Columbia. The presidential candidate wins more than half of the electoral votes (at least 270). This means that those who get the most votes are not necessarily elected. That is to say, the real candidate’s destiny is not the overall rate of support, but the results of the vote. In the States, both parties have the traditional turf, firmly support the democratic and Republican state known as "Blue States" and "red state", and the tendency of bipartisan is "Blue States" and "red states". Wavering between the two parties, known as swing states". From the current situation, there are 5 states is crucial, is likely to determine the outcome of the election, they include the "red state" Virginia (13 votes), "red state" in Florida (27 votes), "swing states" in Ohio (20 votes) and Missouri (11 votes), and blue states "Pennsylvania (21 votes). In addition, North Carolina, Nevada and Indiana and other states, but also more critical. For the final two candidates before the truth, also mainly concentrated in a few states. However, polls show that in the first 5 states, in addition to Obama in Missouri and Mccain tied, the rest are in a leading position. According to political authority website clear political network statistics, such as the current state polls to calculate the results of the election, Obama will be 338 to 200 electoral votes to win. George? Mason University expert Macdonald election in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters said that this situation determines the strong contrast aomais two victory road. Obama is taking an even highway ", Mccain’s eyes seemed only" single plank bridge". Obama is likely to win in the case of losing an important blue state. But Mccain is going to win, not only must take the most key states, at the same time must be at least a two "Blue States", in which a part of any error may lead to the game. Variables in the elastic factor from the point of view of the situation, Obama is in a favorable position, but it is difficult to predict the so-called elastic factors still exist, the impact of the election results may become the final suspense. The first is the general election turnout. U.S. election turnout has not been high, but this year is expected to increase significantly. United States University of America voter Research Center predicted that this year the United States is expected to reach 135 million of the total number of voters, voter turnout may be close to 65%, reaching its highest level since 1960. Followed by undecided voters. Current polls show that there are still around 6% of the electorate has not yet made up his mind. In some key states, the ratio is higher. ;相关的主题文章: