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Interview with Ang Lee: Science and technology attracted me, but did not give up the drama and characters – Sohu entertainment   interview with Ang Lee: Science and technology to attract me, but did not give up the drama and character. Sohu entertainment news (special correspondent Liu Wen Yufan) "Billy Lynn’s war" has been officially released in midfield, Ang Lee challenges the 120 new technology frame and the war and the thinking of humanity has aroused widespread discussion. In the United States last month in New York preview, the Sohu reporter had the honor to interview the director Ang Lee, asked him to personally read the film for everyone.     reporter: you have said that the film is to "fun", filming "Billy’s war in the middle of the war," when you have fun things to share with you about the time of the war, "". Ang Lee: funny things are actually the most painful thing. This movie made me feel the most fun and most often do not know to tremble with fear, how to make a movie. Took 12, also famous, self feeling should be very good, but have to be humble, because science and technology is not polite to you. For the industry to jump a lot of steps, how to make a film to see, I think it is very challenging, but also very fun. Think of fun and very suffer things, especially when shooting halftime show, in a large tent, every day back and forth to run several miles, each shot will go back and forth, so that how to eat are not fat. It’s fun to play the war. It is very cruel, put the gun shooting halftime show do so lifelike, very fun, very absurd, so a show where hundreds of people play. Reporter: why choose to use 120 frames +4k +3D shooting? Ang Lee: when I shoot with very little 3D, very careful, do not dare to do a lot, because I know my mind is still in the past a world. But I can feel that things are not the same, at least you can feel that the actors of 3D and 2D are not the same, more demanding, more realistic needs and slightly more complicated, enough, otherwise would seem silly not just. 24 grid is more difficult to give a relatively large 3D, a big flash to the people can not stand. Peter Jackson made 48 grid, James Cameron tried a grid of 60. I do not suddenly think of it, is to look at their experiments and found that the 60 grid is very good, good-looking and found that light can not be used. How to use light, how to act very clearly see. This is a very interesting thing to study, the idea of 120 grid out. One by one, 4K’s standard is out. To this extent, there is no theater projector. We are the Department of defense and the transformation of the flight simulation of digital projector, the fighter. Pat is no problem, the show is a problem. More and more fun, to the 60 grid, you will feel like walking into it, it is an unknown world, there is a great attraction for me. Of course, you will be afraid, but you fear the more you want to see, and then decided to jump to do. This data is not no reason suddenly set out, I think it is a standard. Film is 24相关的主题文章: