Interview with Xu Song the ideal type of girl is not important, have a good sense of wisdom

Interview with Xu Song: the ideal type of girl is not important, have a good sense of wisdom – China network data figure: Xu Song handsome debut. The organizers for Beijing August 26 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Meng) compared to the current large number of singers cross play variety, TV dramas, and even shop investment boom, Xu Song has been buried since its debut on the music of the dedication, now let a lot of fans for moving. Recently, for the new album "youth celebration evening" at the same time, he also accepted Beijing (WeChat public No.: cns2012) an interview with reporters, share your music creation in recent years, also talked about a lot of expectations for life. Previously with the album "custom" into people view Xu Song, recently launched the "Socrates," no bottom "as to" tea and other works, and their latest album, "Youth News" is a more mature sound and contradictions. In the interview, Xu Song also explained the origin of the name, now young people may not have to buy the evening newspaper to see the habit, but that is what I have to do every day after school children. At that time, there was no micro-blog, WeChat and so many media, an evening newspaper is the best way to understand the current affairs of the day. The evening paper literally conveys a sense of nostalgia and nostalgia, but also fits in with the new album. Furthermore, the album is the content of the reflection of life come true, and also as a news documentary feel. Finally, in front of the title of ‘youth’ two words is to mention bright color, do not want to make too heavy". Data figure: Xu Song interact with friends. (Xu Song micro-blog screenshot) as a creative singer, in recent years, more and more pragmatic lyrics in the creation of the lyrics, the work has repeatedly described the scenes of real life in the scene of the. In the "Youth News", this kind of realistic atmosphere more strong, such as "write a song of tastes, finished puzzle will then play list", "shoot me, giggle more sincere, press the shutter, the heart does not know forever", "I would rather take a walk, don’t brush circle of friends because, some girls, love to send pictures". "The best singer" in the sentence "the willow stroking the street", Xu Song is revealed to experience, "this is the personal experience, the day the catkins really like blizzard". "Sometimes I am very keen on Xipixiaolian expression serious, clear expression of pain. The expression of emotion is lighter, the taste is likely to be thicker. This is my understanding." Xu Song said. Data figure: Xu Song share MV shooting experience. The organizers for turning "in the lyrics" vulgar tastes "fearless, elegant and frivolous, but also is not a fuck", said he hoped to express to enjoy art, enjoy life, is to "point of view," a work of art it is vulgar or indecent, a person’s way of life is custom or elegant, here the first evaluation is very subjective, but actually does not need to use vulgar words like ah ah, to define it, not to create two yuan opposition, because the essence of things is the same". "Get rid of" is to express the people in the life of helpless state? In this regard, Xu Song think, grow up to a certain time, people will start thinking about the ultimate相关的主题文章: