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Interview with Zhao Liying: male god harvester? Handsome and more reserved partner – Sohu entertainment Zhao Liying told the Sohu interview with Sohu entertainment entertainment news (ShangHai Railway Station Ma Rongling Wen he Yujian video) by Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Yuan Wenkang starred in the TV series "rouge" [opera] is the Sohu of the hit video. Focus on the interpretation of "ancient beauty" years of Zhao Liying, the transformation of spy game personally silly white sweet label crushes, volunteered to give the "blue Rouge" to "The Brain", "I spy" to lead the new wind. Sohu accept entertainment interview, talking about the way God’s way to harvest the meat steaming face stride forward singing militant songs, sexy, Zhao Liying smiled luckypai thigh, also call his Gao Yan is not appearance Association, in her view, God is not "digest", his shot from the movie to more restrained. Part 1: refuse silly sweet! The costume of a sister turned genius agent     with the cute, adorable explosion role, Zhao Liying will be feeble force "costume a sister of the title earned back, this time she challenges new spy drama. In "rouge", Zhao Liying’s daughter is not really like the brain hole wide open, gifted, MAX. And it is said that the role of blue rouge is initially silly white sweet, is Zhao Liying’s opinion of the students broke her into the strongest brain, and Zhao Liying himself in another dimension to reshape themselves. Sohu: entertainment as the costume drama "carry handle" how do you think of the actress, then play war Spy Drama at that time? Zhao Liying: just want to change a style of it, because we have seen a lot of costume drama, so I met a very favorite theme on the pick. Sohu Entertainment: in your opinion, what is special about the role of blue Rouge? Zhao Liying: the traditional Spy Drama is a male perspective, this and the past is not the same, with the female perspective, I think it is quite interesting. Blue Rouge more rebellious, very drag, and very clever. Sohu for entertainment: Recently aired "I spy", starring silly white sweet people by netizens criticized, this time the blue Rouge no shot, can be said to be an agent of genius, friends say she is the male version of "taiwan". I heard that before the script to set the role of some silly white sweet, the director listened to your opinion made a change? Zhao Liying: I can’t sleep after reading the script, and the director said that although I talk, I was 85, but the word agent is a very serious word for me, a simple person does not have a certain foundation has certain qualities can not bear the responsibility. For the agent of this profession, the blue Rouge may be more talented, it is not a genius. Sohu Entertainment: what is the preparation for the play before the group? For example, before reviewing the classic Spy Drama? Zhao Liying: this before the war Spy Drama classic is not the same, so I have to do the conversion may become our young people in modern can accept the way some spy game before the classic. The Spy Drama actors from the deal, for me, hope is some of my own characteristics. Zhao Liying admitted for the first time to shoot spy game very depressed P相关的主题文章: