IPhone 6S sold last year, but oppo apple in China how to save themselves





2012, iPhone has been Chinese intelligent mobile phone market a single product sales champion, but last year, Ever-victorious general iPhone was cut in Ma China local brands in the domestic market, Apple has gradually changed from strong to weak.

Market research firm

Counterpoint data show that last year, iPhone 6S in China sold a total of 12 million units, the performance is not bad, but compared with 17 million units of OPPO R9, or some inferior by comparison. At the same time, this is the first time in five years, Apple’s first single product sales champion.

it is reported that last year, China’s smart phone shipments to new highs, an increase of 6% up to 465 million units, but Apple has gradually declined in this growth tide.

last year, iPhone 6S sales in general, even if the iPhone 7 series came to save the field in the fourth quarter, apple failed to restore the 2016 figure of two." Counterpoint wrote. However, users are still looking forward to this year’s iPhone 8."

in Waterloo suffered Chinese

in the past few quarters, Apple’s day in the Chinese market is not good. In the third quarter of last year (as of September 24th), apple Greater China revenue fell by up to 30%. Then Cook in the Chinese charm offensive to please the user and announced a $45 million investment to establish R & D center in Beijing, but it did not win the hearts of consumers, apple in 2016 Chinese market share fell to 10.4%, while in 2015 this figure was 14.3%.

in the high-end market, Apple has also been hit by the local brand HUAWEI in the midrange market, apple is not able to compete with OPPO and vivo models.

last year, OPPO shipments increased by 109%, vivo also has an increase of 78%, while Apple has been chasing HUAWEI, but also an increase of 21%. Apple has also achieved 21% results, but it is negative growth. With apple and millet this Similarly afflicted people pity each other., once the market leader China shipments fell 22% last year.

Counterpoint said: China’s smart phone market is gradually maturing, the first wave of popularity of smart phones has been in the past, most users prefer mid-range phone, which is the biggest challenge facing apple."

fire fighting force iPhone 8

however, apple is not willing to become depressed, this year they have a comeback heavyweight product — iPhone 8. Analysts believe that iPhone 8 will become apple Chinese market decline the reverse;