Is top of the list! Shanghai has become a gold single family base! lightscape

Is top of the list! Shanghai has become a gold single family base! Shanghai information life activities of food welfare double eleven has not arrived, the news about the single dog on the endless, I would like to know, in the end who is trying to kill the world single dog? Recently, the network has issued a treasure called "2016 single people in the current series of reports," the third things. This report focuses on the online survey of 100 million members of treasure network…… And so on to one hundred million members?? It’s not my fault…… The report defines a new single group, dubbed the "gold singles", this single month average disposable income reached 8K+…… As a result, Shanghai you probably can only be considered "black singles"…… The number of single gold as the standard, Shanghai topped the list, becoming the country’s largest single gold accounted for the city! Severe my big Shanghai, this list sounds inexplicable worry ah…… Have to say is that even in Shanghai, the monthly average disposable income of more than 8K, after all, is a minority. As can be seen in the report, the monthly average disposable income of more than 8K accounted for only 10%, 5K – 8K accounted for about 30%. The hind legs are getting longer and longer…… Until now, single = noble, single = dog ~~Oh, No~ (play) interest (click) is in gold singles, women accounted for even higher than the male, in the city of Shanghai, economic independence and consumption capacity of single women has become more and more high!! All this is not without reason, because…… Women in the mate of the man’s request, can meet really not much ~ ~ over 80% single women think that 5K is the starting point for men’s income, this is only a single pass line. Among them, 67.06% of single women require men’s monthly income at 5k-10k, and the monthly income of more than ten million yuan (10k-20k), there are also 25.02%. Let the demons calm down…… Among them, the United Arab Republic of Shanghai single women on men’s income requirements on the good, but also ranked third in the country’s position, $12065…… The survey said that men’s income requirements for women are generally relatively low, 80% of men said the other half of the income is less than 5K is also willing to accept, there is no special requirement. Say the material conditions, say the non-material conditions! The report shows that: when the spouse believes that the other side of the appearance of the condition is very important, nearly 70% of single women, they have a higher demand for men’s height and shape. Attaches great importance to the other side of the physical condition and the height of the condition of single men less than 4. 178cm, 180cm and 175cm are the most popular among women, and women in 163cm, 168cm and 160cm are most popular with men! To sum up, the devil Jun summed up. In Shanghai want to take their first single, "how much money beauty high", which look after the connotation…… I want to fill a knife, the monthly income of 8K+ gold singles, so there are real people in Shanghai…… Oh, oh ~ there is room for people are generally not ~ single finger, always check the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章: