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Jam Hsiao won the gold heart Wang Kai defeating king "- Sohu Wang Kai entertainment eat Hot pot     Sohu entertainment news by Jiangsu TV to thousands of feet of media together to create the" we "in the fight was broadcast last night ninth. In this period, men of God who staged a "Guardian daughter" to "flatter" war, want to get the "daughter" Zang Hong Na’s heart, Jam Hsiao in the final, sincere efforts and touching song won the "chief bodyguard" crown. This time the male gods also play more hi, completely rejected routines in the program with various defeating Tucao, even the audience couldn’t help commented "distressed group director for a second, can it is fighting group". Wang Kai is also a sharp line turned against King ", let the audience be startled at Tucao instinct.     collective "out of control" abandon the routine Wang Kai sharp turned against the king "    from the XiAn Railway Station, the six men of God more and more familiar with each other is more committed to love to kill," said the audience really slept together feeling a lot better, more free". This time the men of God who is a collective "out of control", began to abandon the opening routine, receiving calls Tucao telephone fraud, to announce the real "daughter" after almost collective "exodus", the back is stolen from the fruit and all kinds of damage program rules. Completely not according to the routine of the male god group has won the audience’s praise, have said, like to see them flying their own look".     always spoiled brother Wang Kai this period of sharp line, the embodiment of the "defeating king", Tucao blurt out quotations. The opening on the open pit brother "mode, repeatedly deceived Wang Jiaer, playfully pretended to pass by; talk to love, is also a series of Tucao" this ain’t love "," is that you first mentioned, fans could not help but say "this is Wang Kai Tucao style", "pet to the depths natural black ah". Many viewers also said that for the first time to see the drama is not the same as Wang Kai, although very surprised but also feel very cute!" "Wang Kai had such a naughty side". Jam Hsiao won the gold heart God mutual help warm the heart of     this program competed for the six men of God "chief bodyguard" seats, can be said to be with Wang Jiaer’s "surprise gift to exhaust all the skills, let Zang Hongna heart, Jam Hsiao hand injury after still struggling appearance also very touching, Jing Bairan finally the warm heart support is not lost, a series of" sweet offensive "let Zang Hongna hesitate unceasingly, finally Jam Hsiao with a warm and sincere voice, eventually move hearts won the" chief bodyguard "seats.     and the men of God who hurt each other in addition to the audience laugh, also show a lot of mutual assistance of the scene. In the bubble pool by the strong pulling force bound, rushed to their end point also did not forget to pull next to a brother, and brother, I pull you one "," slip "," pay attention to the foot and other kinds of heart warming words. Jam Hsiao was injured, Wang Kai turned up after the little angel "helped him to it.相关的主题文章: