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Jane Zhang’s mother openly opposed her marriage against   prospective son-in-law Feng Ke — people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title: Jane Zhang’s mother openly opposed her marriage against the "son-in-law" Feng Ke October 8th Jane Zhang and Feng Ke confirmed in November in Italy held a low-key wedding ceremony yesterday, romantic story appeared in turn, Jane Zhang’s mother open the letter "I don’t want to let her daughter go wrong" against marriage, said Feng Ke had deceived Jane Zhang as a "mistress", swallowed her share. The mother-in-law "hand" son-in-law the idea that drama exposure, so people eat melon surprise. In fact, before the National Day Zhang Guiying came to Beijing Chaoyang Court filed a civil lawsuit. "Transfer" the mother-in-law complaint case without the knowledge of shares in Feng Ke issued a document that will soon marry Jane Zhang, Jane Zhang’s mother Zhang Guiying burst open letter said, unaware of the wedding. For the son Feng Ke, mother-in-law said they did not trust, "Liangying grew up with me together, every mother wants to take care of their children, of course I don’t want her to be cheated, for what Feng Ke said I have also been confirmed later half believe and half doubt is a lie, and similar, thirteen years has been accompanied by a lie her." The main factors include a Jane Zhang founded the "Beijing small town era culture Communication Co. Ltd", with the increase of the registered capital of the company, he and Liangying share less, Feng Ke eventually became the largest shareholder, he was deprived of the qualification of shareholders, which are in the unwitting situation. In addition, Zhang Guiying believes Feng Ke’s private life is not indecent, when he and Jane Zhang exchanges, said has been divorced for three years to Liangying, they do not believe. "I think he just loves himself and the money," Zhang said in a dialogue with the media confirmed the authenticity of the statement. And revealed that Jane Zhang has not even the name of the name of the savings, including all the money earned in the past during the period of Huayi city to now less than the city, all in Feng Ke. And that’s what she’s always worried about. And revealed that Liangying’s house in Beijing also mortgage loans for 30 years". Because the money is kept by Feng Ke, but also his handling of buying things to do, and he thought the full amount to buy, "I found the mortgage in 2014, I asked him what he would say forgot their money with other uses. But he himself in the United States to buy a house, buy a car in Beijing are all the money to buy a house." Zhang mother said, and she said Jane Zhang had two marriage commercial considerations, "certainly Feng Ke and she said, how could not Liangying told me, that married people to invest, what company to be listed…… I think he just loves himself and money." Equity change event has entered the legal process. Lawyers said that if there is no sign of the agreement, and the fact that the change of ownership has become a fact, that is, illegal operation, but also suspected forged signature; the amount of the text is too large, has reached the scope of criminal cases. If the agency agreement has been signed, but has not been notified orally or otherwise, it constitutes an economic dispute, may be a civil action. Feng Ke respond to changes in equity, does not affect the common property of the husband and wife for Ms. Zhang Guiying’s open letter, the rapid response to his, he) ()相关的主题文章: