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Japan great fund: Japanese stocks rally has become a spent force U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Bloomberg News 16 reported that Japan’s hedge fund Stats Investment Management Co. said, the Japanese stock market rally has inspired Andouble economics with extreme ease end. The company’s hedge funds in each of the past 10 years have recorded positive returns. The prime minister Abe Shinzo to boost the economy and spur inflation efforts under the impetus of the Japanese stock market in the three years to 2015 rose nearly 80%. These efforts will probably failed, although Andouble economics implemented more than three years, but the Japanese economy in 2015 fourth quarter declined by more than expected. The Bank of Japan in January 29th for the first time ever announced to implement negative interest rate policy. Stats chief investment officer Toru Hashizume said: "Andouble economics provides a special period of time, investors can earn money from almost any asset investment. To make the investment decisions of investors for those Japanese stocks based on the Japanese stock market almost no risk of the creed, with the market fluctuation becomes more intense, they will start leaving. I expect this trend will continue." More and more Japanese hedge funds expect Japan’s stock market volatility will increase, Stats also joined them. J Flag Investment Co. investment advisors, said Japan impose negative interest rates will not ease price fluctuations, and said the company continues to hold cash. The fund management companies in Japan, ranked five. For China worries about economic slowdown and commodity prices fell by the world’s major stock indexes decline, the Topix index fell more than 16% so far this year. And the Japanese stock market fell is accompanied by extreme price volatility, volatility of 10, Topix index soared to the highest level in March 2011 since the earthquake. After last week fell 13%, Monday Topix index jumped 8%, the biggest gain in more than seven years. 30, Topix index volatility index reported 49, ranked first in the 70 stock index tracked by Bloomberg, including emerging and frontier markets, it’s in the back row are Italy, Argentina and greece. Hashizume said, as investors leave the work over the past few years, the investment strategy this year could no longer work. The company manages about 30 billion yen ($263 million) of assets. With the Chinese economies such as growth tepid, consumption reduction, Hashizume fund is shorting the production of smart mobile phone parts of the company, and the company believes that the high valuation of the security software company. He is unwilling to disclose their short business name. Editor: Huang Yongliang SF156

日本牛叉基金:日股涨势已成强弩之末 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 16日彭博报道,日本对冲基金公司Stats Investment Management Co.表示,安倍经济学激发的唾手可得的日本股市涨势已划上句号。这家公司的对冲基金过去10年每年都录得正回报。   在首相安倍晋三为提振经济和刺激通胀所作努力的推动下,日本股市在截至2015年的三年大涨近80%。这些努力恐怕将无功而返,尽管安倍经济学实施了三年有余,但是日本经济2015年第四季度萎缩幅度超过预期。日本央行1月29日有史以来首次宣布实行负利率政策。   Stats首席投资官Toru Hashizume说:“安倍经济学提供了一段特殊时期,投资者几乎可以从所投资的任何资产赚到钱。对于那些基于日本股市几乎没有任何风险的信条做出投资日股决定的投资者,随着市场波动变得更为剧烈,他们将开始撤离。我预计这种趋势将持续。”   越来越多的日本对冲基金预计日本股市波动将加剧,Stats也加入了他们的行列。投资顾问公司J Flag Investment Co.表示,日本实行负利率不会缓解价格波动,并表示公司继续持有现金。该公司所管理基金的表现在日本名列前五。   对于中国经济减速的担忧和大宗商品价格下挫引发全球主要股指走低,东证指数今年迄今的跌幅超过16%。与日本股市重挫相伴的是极端的价格波动,东证指数10日波动率飙升至2011年3月大地震以来的最高水平。继上周大跌13%之后,东证指数周一跳涨8%,创下七年多来的最大涨幅。   东证指数30日波动率指标报49,在彭博追踪的包括新兴和前沿市场在内的70个股指中高居首位,排在它后面的是意大利、阿根廷和希腊。   Hashizume说,随着投资者离场,过去几年奏效的投资策略今年恐怕不再管用。该公司管理着约300亿日元(2.63亿美元)的资产。随着中国等经济体的增速不温不火,消费亦减速,Hashizume所管理的基金正在做空生产智能手机零部件的公司,以及该公司认为估值过高的安全软件公司。他不愿透露他们做空的企业名称。 责任编辑:黄永亮 SF156相关的主题文章: