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Japan will be dispatched UAV handling troops to capture suspicious aircraft – with a net news Sohu in new network on 23 February,   according to Japanese media reports, the first use of "unmanned aircraft handling units the Japanese police department will be held in 28 days this month, the Tokyo Marathon (IDT)". Japanese media said the troops will use large UAV to capture small UAV suspicious. It is reported that in the key sections of the marathon deployment of several UAVs. In April 2015, the UAV crash of the Japanese Prime Minister’s official residence roof. Japan as an opportunity, in December of the same year set up unmanned aircraft handling units. The troops received by the tactical team of UAV control training which can capture the suspicious small UAV using large UAV fuselage on the trailer of 2 meters long, 3 meters wide net. In the 2016 Tokyo marathon, and the last is like "with running from the police involved, to prevent occurrence of terrorist attacks and other accidents. The number of police will accompany and ran from 90 to 26 last year. In addition, the Japanese police department will be in this competition test introduced "good jade UAV", from aerial surveillance along the track and whether there is a suspicious character, and through the "4 Chinese language broadcast guide in English automatic translation, such as horn will import to prevent a stampede congestion analysis system. Through the verification of the actual effect, discuss the future is officially put into use. 日本将出动无人机处理部队 用网兜捕获可疑飞机-搜狐新闻  中新网2月23日电  据日媒报道,日本警视厅将在本月28日举行的东京马拉松中首次动用“无人驾驶航空器处理部队(IDT)”。   日媒称,该部队将采用大型无人机来捕获可疑的小型无人机。据悉,将在举行马拉松比赛的重点路段部署数台无人机待命。   2015年4月,日本首相官邸屋顶发生了无人机坠落事件。日本以此为契机,在同年12月组建了无人驾驶航空器处理部队。该部队由接受过无人机操纵训练的机动队员组成,能采用大型无人机机身上拖挂的2米长、3米宽的网兜捕获可疑小型无人机。  在2016年的东京马拉松比赛中,仍会和上届一样有“陪跑警察”参与其中,以防范恐怖事件等意外的发生。而且陪跑警察的人数将从上届的26人增至90人。  另外,日本警视厅将在本次比赛中试验性引入“善玉无人机”,以从空中监视赛道和沿线是否有可疑人物,并通过“自动翻译喇叭”用英语等4国语言进行广播疏导,还将导入防止踩踏事件发生的拥堵分析系统等。通过验证实际效果,讨论今后是否正式投入使用。相关的主题文章: