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Japanese complex – My Dream Tour – Kansai Japan Tourism Sohu has such a place that I’ve always wanted to go but has not dare to start, it is japan. When I was a child, I particularly like Japanese anime, grew up to become a photographer, it is particularly fascinated by Japanese wind. Love the cartoonist under the pen of Japanese romantic love lively, the photographer in Japan under the fresh fashion, look forward to personally experience a lens, interpretation of what japan. In early September of Kansai, "Kansai" since ancient times, in 1200 years set here, as Japan’s political, economic and cultural center area has been thriving and prosperous. Mention Kansai, everyone will think of the metropolis of Osaka, has a number of cultural heritage of Nara, Kyoto, and the beautiful port city of Kobe. The main destination of my visit is Osaka and Kobe, including the Hyogo Awaji island. Beijing by plane, about three hours to reach the KansaiApt Airport in Osaka. One hour difference between Japan and china. For me 7W yen in China, but because of the opportunity to go abroad, recommend no time or go abroad for many friends can do Zhang Huaxia Bank in China UnionPay card, in the use of foreign ATM money every day the first is fee free, it is in Thailand, Philippines, Japan, South Korea and so on is particularly convenient the exchange rate is very cost-effective. One can see the big screen portrait through his name, very happy. It can be seen that the Japanese are very careful. In order to wait for Guangzhou dolls, we have an hour to stroll around the airport. This is a gourmet city super MOE pilot Picacho, my first spending in japan. Japan’s subway is very developed, but also very complex, we live in the hotel in the waves, choose to take the airport bus, about 50 minutes to reach. Looking at the scenery along the window, feeling a little excited. Our hotel is four star, the location is very good on the side of the tram, downstairs supermarket, the hotel is very new, everywhere looks delicate, like. A European style waiting for standing in the room overlooking the city of Osaka after a short rest, we start to cough, I have been looking forward to the Universal Studios japan. Japan’s subway is divided into public and private, all kinds of lines is very complex, free friends must do the work in advance, tourists can buy tickets will be much cheaper and soon came to Universal Studios, Universal Studios Japan (second unit, sytec clima??, Institute of Tokyo, Tokyo. The fields of pulp, Universal? Studios in Japan) the Japanese city of Osaka this flower area, is one of the 3 Universal Studios theme park, October 28, 1998 by the American actor, California governor Arnold · Schwarzenegger presided over the groundbreaking ceremony, opened in March 31, 2001. It is different from Disney’s personal feeling it is more inclined to science fiction, adventure. Disney fairy tale, fantasy. It is worth mentioning that Harry’s magic world has just been built in the. Harry Potter fans do not miss. The design includes "Jurassic studios.相关的主题文章: