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Jay Chou denied that Kunling was pregnant with her 2 to know the mother to take care of financial income – Beijing, Beijing, August 31, according to Taiwan’s United Daily News message, Jay Chou busy this year "the strongest ground" concert tour, "China new song" program, commercial speech and endorsements, attract more than NT estimate 800 million. As a king, with hundreds of millions of assets of Jay Chou, the mother of marriage is still served as finance minister, he claimed not to know the price of rice to eat rice, no card, credit card, but also on the first pad money out assistant. Jay Chou, 30, attended an event, mentioned the income to win, he said with a smile: "I am so happy to help me, I went home to ask her mother, her every time the answer is’ how can’!" Since the opening of the "human assistant to go out on a drawing machine", usually do not go to the bank, all care assistant and mother. "I really don’t know how much money I make, it’s very easy to eat, and eat fast food restaurants and clothes in foreign countries." He recently tried to manage their own style, found that the original super expensive clothes, said he was completely unaware of the market. He was filming activities English advocate short, straight English desktop accent is born, wife Kunling when he was shooting the day before catching up to help, Jay Chou said: "the most difficult is the word of pangolin (pangolin), even ABC (Chinese Americans) are not!" He recently fell in love with abstract painting, before he was in the social networking site drying out of the abstract painting lines, the outside world was interpreted as ultrasound, thought he had second children, Jay Chou smiled and clarified: really no! It’s just an abstract painting. Good news will tell you!" Also admitted that second tires have tried".相关的主题文章: