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Arts-and-Entertainment Jewelry making contests have be.e quite extraordinary in today’s jewelry world. There are jewelry making contests for the most creative, the most beads used, the most rhinestones used, the melding of the most metals, the most beautiful earring, the most beautiful brooch, the most beautiful bracelet, the most beautiful necklace, the most beautiful made out of all natural materials, the most beautiful .mercially manufactured, the most beautiful hand-made and so on. They are then sub-categorized into the most original, most exact copy, earring, bracelet, necklace, and then sub-divided into beads, rhinestones, lampwork beads, diamonds, turquoise, silver, gold, etc. These categories seem endless; but the one .mon factor in jewelry making contests is the winners. The recognition alone means success and the artist and his or her work be.e known instantaneously. Usually, the artist is picked up by a major manufacturer or investor and their success is written for them. Jewelry in any form is a hot .modity these days. Size Really Doesn’t Matter Jewelry making contests may occur in many different venues. It may be at the huge gem and mineral convention shows in various cities in the United States, or the world famous New York City Jewelry Show, or the gem and jewelry shows in Germany and Japan. These jewelry making contests are worldwide and are displayed in the differing styles of jewelry in the marketplace. Some of the jewelry making contests can also be on a local level. Grand prizes at these local fairs and shows may not be as grand as their larger counterparts, but the recognition can be just as valuable on the local level. A grand prize at the large show may supply the money to quick start an artist’s very own manufacturing jewelry business, whereas, the grand prize on a smaller scale may supply you enough money to only reinvest into your business. But the recognition that winners and even the participants receive in these jewelry making contests is invaluable. Recognition for a jewelry artist equates to money and money in the business world spells success. So, if you are looking for an avenue to invest your money, try attending a jewelry show. On any level, jewelry is hot; therefore, jewelry making is even hotter. Look over the participants in the jewelry making contests and closely inspect their work. Maybe the winner of the contest is not your particular favorite. Find your favorite jewelry maker and invest in that jewelry business. Chances are very good that you will not be disappointed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: