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Ji Ta drama is like gold eyes and play brothers staged love to kill Ji Ta Sohu – Sohu entertainment entertainment news recently by the young actor Ji Ta starred in the "red flag manjuan West" is the Oriental TV prime time hit. Ji Ta plays Qin Huaiwen as a plot in each conflict tipping point, success brings the audience to the revolutionary belief in Huaiwen, for he a reinforcement of the revolutionary ideas of love and hate, the same attitude is certainly Ji Ta natural acting, said it is also the leading man No. two than upstage. Many viewers said they did not understand, Qin Huai civilization is a righteous man, why should the unrepentant draw further apart and his brother, staged a scene of love to kill. Ji Ta said: "because of a soldier’s duty is to obey orders, shake the faith is disloyal, need is faith, no matter what is Qin Huaiwen belief, his ultimate ideal is the Anti Japanese national salvation, the character itself is not wrong, wrong is that the age of turbulence." Have to say, as a TV series red gene it did not follow the routine play, instead of using the "isomorphic" creation technique, with two generations of the family and the emotion and the fate of main line, let the audience see the people’s feelings in the flames of war. Many audiences in many revolutionary history drama "red flag manjuan choose the main reason of the west" is a large number of recognized acting school to join, let the heavy historical themes become vivid and touching. The audience also in this drama successfully captured a metrosexual man acting — Ji Ta. In fact, his color Ji is not surprising, have excellent performance in many of the early people for having heard it many times in the TV series, such as "the cliff" "a servant of two masters" bonus "fireworks" etc.. Ji Ta’s penetrating performance, put a "twist" revolutionary soldier Qin Huaiwen interpretation of the true to life, the hearts of the people, is called the golden eye play.   相关的主题文章: