Jiaozuo owners go to the gas station was first broken blood-pigeon blood

Jiaozuo owners go to the gas station was first broken blood received friends broke the news: eight points yesterday morning, Wanfang bridge west of Sinopec gas station, a gas station refueling customers were employees hit head broken and bleeding…… According to the crowd about: at that time, the owner of the gas station refueling, refueling and not enough staff questioned the gas station caused by conflict, finally evolved into the gas station staff hit by several armed. Witnesses have described: "sticks are interrupted". As a result of the police, 110, 120 have arrived at the scene of the accident. Picture the scene: the injured head broken and bleeding, barefoot sitting on the ground 120 rushed to the gas station for treatment of the injured! West side of the incident on the west side of the bridge Sinopec gas station Xiaobian said: we confirm the truth. But one thing: in any case, the oiler, the gas station customer. So yiyanbuge gang fights, customers will play what should belong to the head broken and bleeding, what behavior? They must be severely punished, and let them know that the law is designed to punish those who do whatever they want and trample on the bottom line of the law. Including random assault. However, the owner of the mouth of the gas station refueling is not enough, but also must pay attention to the relevant departments, and to identify. So things involved in the interests of too many owners. We look forward to the final results.相关的主题文章: