Jiaxing ushered in the concept of qianjiangchao best this year than in previous years more spectacul ghost observer

Jiaxing ushered in the concept of qianjiangchao best this year more than spectacular and the Mid Autumn Festival, the first day of a small holiday, at 9 in the morning 15 days, Jiaxing Haining Yanguan tide Resort Park, there are a lot of tourists. Although the world light rain, but we see the tide not enthusiasm, many are in the field since the arrival of Haining. Zhejiang Haining International Campus of more than and 130 students to see the salt tide, many of which are the first to see the tide "Dave", for the wonders of the world, their interest. At 11 in the afternoon, this is the tide of scenic spots to the time. The rain, river was covered in a layer of fog, looking over the line, Jiang tian. Like the muffled thunder, the tide from east to west from far and near, the sound gradually, then a white silk, such as the tide came Ten thousand steeds gallop.! The tide of tourists have come up with a mobile phone camera video. About 20 minutes later, the tide had accounted for the Ao, will continue to the old yancang. By G20 Dongfeng, many foreigners know qianjiangchao tourists this year, foreigners have a lot more. The 24 year old Malte, from Germany, studying in Zhejiang University Haining international campus. He used a mobile phone to shoot the first wave of the process, very excited, this natural wonder is amazing, I have never seen, I would like to share with family and friends to see." He has a Chinese girlfriend, so I know the "Moon" story, also know the meaning of the Mid Autumn Festival China. The 27 year old Ramla (Chinese name Lei Mengna), from Australia, also enrolled in the Haining International Campus of Zhejiang University, I have not seen the tide, is very special, China moon cake is very delicious, the morning we are still the WeChat group to grab mid autumn red." There are many tourists in Hangzhou, Ms. Zhu took advantage of the holidays with her mother and son to see the tide. Haining Yanguan Resort District Deputy Director of the CMC summit told reporters that the Mid Autumn Festival Yanguan scenic tourists travel a total of 29 thousand people over the next few days, tourists more sure, in the 18th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar last year there are 50 thousand people. The money newspaper reporter also contacted the Haining hydrological station Wu Longhua, he analyzes the characteristics of this trend: No. 16 typhoon is still on the road, affected by the typhoon, the rain increased, wave height may be higher than in previous years, more spectacular, can see more; see tide time earlier than usual this year, so visitors should prepare early. Wu Longhua said, in addition to "Haining tide Yanguan tide line", Ding bridge gaps "cross tide", the old Yancang "turn the tide" is very distinctive, but more turbulent River, on the pond surface, so visitors must be in the designated area security view, security personnel follow instructions. The money newspaper reporter also learned that Yanguan scenic also prepared a rich, night and music party, outdoor movies, love camping friends may also experience camping base in the tide. In addition to tide, the blue stone, white walls and black tiles Yanguan ancient city also frequented here, can listen to the Prime Minister Chen Ge house in the mystery of life, eternal mystery can explore the Forbidden City Jiangnan temple Yong Zheng the sea, can also search for Jin Yong college, the former residence of Wang Guowei in a generation of master’s footsteps.相关的主题文章: