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Jilin develop economy to accelerate the "Snow White" for silver "ice industry is a leading domestic and international development of the competitive potential of the characteristics and advantages of industry in Jilin Province, natural resources, good market prospects, high consumption, driven by strong. Growth for the ice industry firmly grasp the golden period of development, a huge space and potential of the full release of snow and ice industry development, vigorously develop the "white" of the economy, accelerate the change of silver snow ", leading the development of service industry, promote the overall revitalization of the old industrial base of Jilin, we hereby put forward the following opinions. First, the general requirements (a) the guiding ideology of practice to implement the general secretary of the important instructions of Yinshan Jinshan is also a world of ice and snow "and" three hundred million people to participate in winter sports "spirit, adhere to innovation, openness, sharing, coordination, green development concept, seize the historical opportunity of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, to meet consumer demand as the main line in the snow, the ice and snow tourism as the main body, the ice and snow sports based, ice and snow culture to lead, strengthen the ice industry agglomeration advantages, construction characteristics of Jilin ice industry system, promote the integration of development of ice and snow related industries, to build the Changbai Mountain International Ice and snow brand, and strive to become the Jilin province construction industry big province, China ice snow tourism province and the world of ice and snow tourism destination ground. (two) adhere to the basic principles of people-oriented. The development of ice and snow sports potential groups as the core mission of the development of ice and snow industry, the formation of high-quality ice and snow experience and lifestyle, providing world-class ice and snow products and services. Persist in reform and innovation. Play the decisive role of market allocation of resources, optimize the policy environment, improve the industrial mechanism, rationalize the management system, improve the consumption system. Adhere to industry linkage. Promote the linkage of ice and snow industry factors and regional coordination linkage, the formation of a reasonable industrial division of labor system and improve the industrial chain. Adhere to the protection of development. To coordinate the relationship between protection and development, to co-ordinate the economic, social and environmental benefits, and to achieve sustainable development of ice and snow industry. Adhere to the four seasons. The snow season play industry monopoly advantage, the spring and autumn and winter linkage into account, to achieve full season development. Adhere to global development. Give full play to the advantages, dislocation development, mutual benefit and win-win, to achieve the overall improvement of the whole region, coordinated development of the whole industry, the whole society to build and share. Four, enhance the ice industry support (a) to strengthen the education and training of snow on the Northeast Normal University, Jilin Institute of Physical Education and other colleges and universities sports departments, schools and related Changchun new international sports culture industry center and other professional organizations, to explore the research with a combination of talent training and the third party training mode; training of ice and snow sports professionals International; establish and improve the coaches, ice and snow the teacher training system, the implementation of the ice snow sports teachers and coaches training project, strengthen education on ice, organized various training courses to encourage and accelerate the cultivation of a batch of ice backbone teachers; encourage professional sports teams, clubs regularly organize occupation snow coaches and athletes go to schools and community guidance published snow snow activities; youth teaching materials; increase students majoring in ice and snow efforts to train students to expand Source, training and training of all kinds of planning, design, development, construction, operation and management, and entertainment,.相关的主题文章: