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Jing Wong face the "kitsch" question: I never loved my movie – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Xiao Yang) directed by Jing Wong, Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming starred in the movie "trump card" will be released today with ace. Jing Wong guest CCTV movie channel, today’s film critic aired last night. He face the "kitsch" question in the program, read the sharp comments, analysis of commercial film success. For the same schedule as "grand track" against Guo Jingming, Jing Wong bluntly: "he is a master of packaging". Over the past forty years, Jing Wong, director, screenwriter, producer in the film there are more than 100, creating a lot of high box office, someone with a "kitsch taste" to describe Jing Wong’s film. In this regard, Jing Wong said, vulgar means public. "How can you give up the biggest group to please a small group of people in Pyramid? Custom is a point that movies must take." In Jing Wong’s view, there is no absolute good movie, there is no absolute bad, but whether the audience appetite. "To maximize the appetite of the audience, this is the golden rule of entertainment." Mention the secret of commercial movies, Jing Wong said, for each of his works, it should be less love the better. "You’re so in love with that piece, do not want to cut, row piece will be less, do not make money. I have never loved my film, so I can objectively bad, the audience do not like to take away, leaving only the audience like, but also suitable for the show, the market is to come. I am particularly professional to complete a movie that makes the audience feel good about appetite. You shouldn’t put too much emotion into it. If you love it, your judgment will be wrong." In the program, Jing Wong personally read some sharp comments on their movies, but his very calm. Even in the face of "Macao" Fengyun 3 "but Jing Wong is the audience for the film with a spring festival, but the Spring Festival is not funny, not touching, wanted to zero, a star to encourage such remarks, Jing Wong also bluntly:" did not feel this very polite, ten times worse than it has". Jing Wong said that he would not curry favor with the film critics, but will not care about their point of view, compared to the poor, the most afraid of the fact that there is no comment, it means no one to see your film". Jing Wong even joked: "write reviews not to earn what money, please go for it." With the "trump card" with ACE released in the same period and Guo Jingming’s "grand track", Jing Wong said he did not know Guo Jingming, but I think he is a master of packaging, "every packaging is very beautiful".相关的主题文章: