Jingdong Liu Qiangdong met with the United States and the sides to finalize the cooperation of $20 b

CEO Liu Qiangdong’s visit to the Jingdong group, with the U.S. group chairman and President Fang Hongbo met and conducted in-depth exchanges, then, the two sides signed the annual size of up to 20 billion yuan a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement.

according to the agreement, the two sides will further strengthen the already very successful strategic partnership, deepening in the intelligent home appliances, intelligent Home Furnishing, channel development, product customization, data analysis and other areas of strategic cooperation, and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of household appliances industry leader.

Liu Qiangdong said that Jingdong is pleased to achieve win-win situation through strategic cooperation with the manufacturing sector to become a "made in China" new momentum to promote the transformation of the country’s economic structure and the real economy prosperity.

Fang Hongbo said that the Jingdong can provide Internet technology, big data analysis, intelligent cloud platform for manufacturing enterprises and other help, to actively upgrade beauty, is an ideal strategic partner. Sales channel huge line of beauty, especially in the county and township level market, can effectively help Jingdong achieve landing".

data show that in early September 2015, Jingdong and the United States will have established the depth of collaborative supply chain, realize the electronic data interchange (EDI) the depth of cooperation, from the completion of the sales plan to order forecast and replenishment orders docking depth.