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JINGWAH times: with music defined poetry Bob? Why Dylan defeated the RANS king "Haruki Murakami – View – people.com.cn original title: definition of poetry with music Bob? Why Dylan defeated the RANS king Haruki Murakami genius director Hayes worked in Todd? Self directed Bob Dylan biopic" me? Not here ", let the 6 actors in different periods of Bob? Dylan, it also reflects the create new styles, Bob? Properties of the Dylan complex, folk singer, actor, poet and painter. But the movie is not true. Like this movie, Todd? Hayes Bob? Dylan was still alive, had never seen Dylan to shoot a film, it is a must. Therefore, the film shows Dylan and the reality has a lovely sense of distance. Dylan won the Nobel prize in literature for a lot of people will put the "big shock" in the eye-catching title. Because most people refer to Bob, Dylan, the first reaction is a singer, surprised at a music man won the literary prize. The Nobel prize for literature gave him the answer: a new definition of poetry. Poetry, expression and the blood and flesh of Dylan’s artistic life. Dylan was born in a period of social transformation, the Western young people in the era of unrest and freedom to seek the banner of anti mainstream culture, modern folk played an active role in such a radical. Dylan was even pushed into the temple of the prophet. There is no denying the fact that Bob, first of all, is a poet and a master of language in the first place of the world. In the first place, Dylan. Of course, based on Dylan’s literary talent. In the last century in 60s the counterculture, Dylan music as their weapons, fighting the official accusation. His record is just a poem. How far can be called a real man a pigeon to fly over the sea to how much sleep in the sand shells to how many times can be empty but grazing must a man forever banned. He wrote that the people confused but deep feeling "and the" tarantula, autobiography "like a rolling stone, has read poems still full of texture and image. "Dylan is the best poet." Alan, the great American poet, said, "I cried when I heard the storm coming.". I was awed by his rhetoric, shake." Language is a gift, and those who are weak, strong, sensitive and brave can easily get it. And Dylan has such a sensitive temperament. A bitter and Howling symbolism of his records, he took the form of poetry and attention to social issues and ideas into the music. As the Pulitzer prize for literature, he had a profound influence on pop music and American culture, as well as the poetic power of the lyrics". Unlike those who have been buried in the ballad of the time, Bob – Dylan has become a phenomenon, a legend, a myth. Among thousands of folk singers, not only because of his music, but his style. His temperament into the music of the poet, he used music to cry, cry and become a kind of poetry, so the formation of the complex can not be engraved success. "I’m not here."相关的主题文章: