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A college in Jingzhou more than ten students to help students to help students to memorize 700 thousand loan debt online loan debt back to a Jingzhou news network news (reporter Li Hua intern reporter Yang Jiushi Li Yushan) now, many loan company appears on the network, while providing some convenience, but also hidden a lot of risk. Recently, more than a dozen students in a university in Jingzhou to help students loans, causing a lot of trouble. To help the students back online loan debts a boy said, look at a classmate a favor, he promised to quickly pay back the money, but also established the writings, said two or three days, finally did not repay the money. The students in his mouth, "he" is a classmate Xiao lu. Beginning in May this year, he has something to do at home, their own business and other reasons, to many students for help, asking students to help themselves from the online loan company loans. More than and 10 students believed him in his plea. The first is the small Lu asked the students to download a software and campus net loan installment loans APP, registered account with their ID card, student card, and then take you to school near a so-called loan company to fill in personal information. First, the students each through their own account for the small Lu loan of two and three thousand yuan, and wrote iou. The students said, the small Lu mastered their ID card information and registration number, carrying them repeatedly borrowing more money owing on the loan, the loan from their account is away, interest is too high, but the small Lu’s promise to repay but has no cash, single maximum loan amount reached sixty thousand yuan. October 31st, Xiao Lu followed his parents back home in Guangdong, but he was in the name of the student loan is not yet a point. According to the current statistics of students, the loan amount of about 700 thousand yuan. In the face of huge repayment pressure, the students are anxious and angry. In order to understand the purpose of Lu Lu and the next plan, the reporter called his phone, but the phone has been shut down. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the father of small lou. Small Lu father said they had been running around the matter, take the legal approach. It is understood that the school has done a number of warning education, vigilance online lending and campus lending. Why do students still believe in others, participate in net loan? A girl said, Xiao Lu promised to give some benefits. Another girl said, small Lu said that if he did not pay back the money, she can tell the teacher, the police can, she agreed to help. After the incident, the school attaches great importance to guide students through judicial procedures to solve the problem in order to recover the loss. Small Lu to lend the money in the end who will return? How do students protect their rights? The reporter consulted the Hubei sigitech firm Xu Shengguo lawyers. Xu lawyer told reporters, because the parties have reached 18 years of age, with full capacity, within the statutory interest rate of loans and interest rates within the loan, the students are required to repay the loan of their own 24%. But according to the reality of the small Lu borrowing reason, through consultation and asked him to pay back the money, if necessary, may bring a lawsuit. Tens of thousands of ID card loan net loan risk why small Lu and students can easily borrow so much money? Online lending.相关的主题文章: