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"Join" gunnm Aidesikelin villain "Deadpool" ed · skrine time network reported on September 23rd "gunnm" is a Japanese science fiction manga Yukito kishiro’s masterpiece, the story is set in twenty-sixth Century, when science and technology have been able to reshape most organs, for many people on the mechanical body. The hero one day find mechanical fulgurate ed a young girl in the trash. Ed brought her back and named Aleta (Gary), but she has lost the memory of the past. In a chance, ed Alita has originally found powerful fighting force, doomed her mission is to keep fighting as a bounty hunter…… In the movie "gunnm", ED will once again playing the villain, the film has identified starring Salazar, Rosa · Christopher · Walz also joined the film. The role of Ed will be the 1.5 robot, he has other people dream weapon Damascus blade. According to reports, the film will begin shooting in Texas in October. "Gunnm" will be released on July 20, 2018 in North america.相关的主题文章: