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"Junior high school student" easily defraud a female doctor with a fake insurance policy. 52, in case of a junior middle school educated, the insured salesman cheated a female doctor 520 thousand yuan "premium" with a fake insurance policy. Today, Qiaokou District Court of first instance to contract fraud to the initiator of evil Luo sentenced to 11 years and fined 70 thousand yuan. In the case of public prosecution prosecutor reminded: in fact, prevention is very simple, the insurance company to ask a liar away. Leave the insurance online gambling lost money in red eye female doctor money male youth Luo, 29 years old, has worked in two insurance companies served as insurance salesman, 2014, because of the often late or early dismissal. When he was an insurance salesman, Luo met the customer Xu. Xu, a 28 year old young woman, graduated from a key university in Wuhan and was a doctor of English literature. Then he worked as a foreign language teaching work in a well-known training institution. After a few financial transactions in Luo’s hands, Xu’s trust has been added to him as his long-term "financial advisor". However, roomo did not treat her sincerely and had been resigned by the insurance company for a long time. After 2014, Luo involved in gambling, online gambling "lost all their savings. "Red eyes" Luo to point out the cost to regain lost belongings, greedy eyes on the simple "Dr. xu". Luo’s approach is not clever, is in concert bridge near the roadside stalls, someone Sike of an insurance company insurance contract 003 dedicated seal seal, with life insurance model made a few copies of fake insurance contract, and then find a sell the financial products. It is a new financial product with high returns and zero risk. It is suggested that Xu buy more. Xu invested tens of thousands of dollars to keep up. After the expiration, Luo has no money to pay the interest, it continues to lure Xu, that cast much, earn a few million, this interest is not too much, get back home is useless, as the interest into the new policy, plus some money to renew. Xu did not hesitate to believe it, and went home to persuade her mother to "invest" in the money that gave the social security. In this way, Luo Mou uses a new fake insurance policy, not only "also" a high amount of interest, but also into more "premium". Xu was in the dark, counting the fast rising numbers on the "insurance policy", and congratulating himself on finding a good way to get rich. Credulous financial commitment, female doctor was cheated 520 thousand yuan, from July 2014 to August 2015, more than a year, Luo Mou has signed an insurance contract with the victim Xu ten times by this way, and defrauded its "insurance" funds to 520 thousand yuan. At the time of the crime, Xu gave all his money to Luo, but he received only a few hundred yuan worth of commemorative coins donated by Luo, and the interest was in the "insurance policy". Not only that, in Luo incites, Xu also recommended colleague Liu Luo to invest in financial products. Luo Mou has defrauded Liu Mou 100 thousand yuan "premium", also defrauded another customer Chua to 710 thousand yuan. When it came to November 2015, there was no cash for a long time, and some of them were not sure, and many of them wanted to cash out some cash. Roomo is always out of a variety of reasons. Over time, Xu finally gave birth to doubts and decided to consult the insurance company and what was the matter with her insurance. The consultation finally revealed the truth of Luo’s name. The insurance company told him that Xu, Liu and Cai didn’t have any insurance information at the company. Luo had already left the company, and his insurance policies were all forged. The company’s policy seal only "No. 001" and "No. 002" has never used "No. 003". Three people cheated 1 million 330 thousand yuan "premium" Xu et al shaleyan, a total of three people to pay a "premium", 1 million 330 thousand yuan, to find Luomou meeting reminders. Luo has always refused to meet, say money to other projects, a back, wait. Three of the victims finally decided to report to the public security organs as if wakening from a dream. Check the public security organs in March 16th this year, the suspect Luomou arrested. After investigation, Luo’s defrauded premium funds did not invest any project, and all invested into the online gambling company’s account for gambling and lost the light. After the incident, only 3 yuan Luo tuizang. After the trial, the court held that Luo’s illegal possession was the purpose of signing the contract and cheating the other party’s property. The amount was huge, which constituted the crime of contract fraud. Roomo defrauded a number of victims, and used the stolen money for gambling and extravagance, and should be severely punished, so that the above decision was made. Today, the public prosecution case in Qiaokou District procuratorate prosecutor handling the case, said Luo Luo for sometime, very regret, that gambling hurt him, he will be the female doctor Xu also harms, lamented his own the doings "harm to others". "The nature of waiting for Luo is a long prison life, but the sweat and sweaty money of the three victims of Xu is also in the bubble." Prosecutors said sadly sigh unfortunately, this fraud is a poor way, in today’s social insurance system has become more and more mature, as the higher education Xu, just need a little bit of awareness, to sign the policy to the insurance company to verify, to prevent fraud, this case is simply will not happen. (reporter Yu Hao)

“初中生”凭一纸假保单 轻易骗取女博士52万一个只有初中文化程度的被辞退保险业务员,用一纸假保单就轻松骗取了一名女博士52万元“保费”。今日,硚口区法院一审以合同诈骗罪对始作俑者罗某判刑11年,处罚金7万元。公诉此案的承办检察官提醒:其实防骗很简单,到保险公司一问,骗子就露馅了。离职保险员网上赌博输光钱急红了眼盯上女博士钱财男青年罗某现年29岁,曾先后在两家保险公司担任过保险业务员,2014年,因其经常迟到早退被辞退。罗某在做保险业务员时结识了客户许某。现年28岁女青年许某,毕业于武汉一所重点高校,系英语文学博士,后在一家知名培训机构担任外语教学工作。许某在罗某手中办过几次理财业务后,对其信任有加,把他当成自己长期的“理财顾问”。然而,罗某并没有对她真诚相待,被保险公司辞退一事一直隐瞒许某。2014年前后,罗某染上了赌瘾,在网上“豪赌”输光了所有积蓄。“急红了眼”的罗某想搞点本钱扳回输掉的家当,贪婪的目光盯上了单纯的“许博士”。罗某的手法并不高明,就是在知音桥附近的路边摊,找人私刻了一个保险公司的“保险合同专用章003”印章,用人寿保险单范本做了几份假保险合同,然后找许某推销该项理财产品。罗某欺骗许某说,这是一项新的理财产品,回报率高,零风险,建议许某多买一点。许某就投了几万元积蓄下去。到期后,罗某没钱给利息,就继续诱惑许某,谎称投得多、赚得多,这几万元的利息也没多少,拿回去放家里也没用,不如连本带利转成新的保单,再加些钱继续续签。许某毫不犹豫地相信了,回家说服母亲将交社保的钱都拿来“投资”。就这样,罗某用一张新的假保单,不仅“还”了许某高额利息,还圈进了更多的“保费”。许某却蒙在鼓里,数着“保单”上快速上涨的数字,庆幸自己找到一条理财致富的好路子。轻信理财承诺女博士被骗52万元从2014年7月至2015年8月一年多的时间里,罗某通过这种方法先后十次与被害人许某签订“保险合同”,骗取其“投保”资金达52万元。到案发时,许某倾其所有都给了罗某,却仅收到过罗某赠送的价值几百元的“纪念币”,“利息”都在“保单”里。不仅如此,在罗某的鼓惑下,许某还推荐同事刘某也来投资罗某的理财产品。罗某骗取了刘某10万元“保费”,还骗取了另一客户蔡某71万元。一晃到了2015年11月,时间长了总看不到现金,许某心里有些不踏实,多次找罗某想兑现一些现金出来。罗某总以各种理由推脱。久而久之,许某终于产生了疑虑,决定到保险公司咨询,她的保险到底是怎么回事。这一咨询,终于揭穿了罗某的真面目,保险公司告知,许某、刘某、蔡某在该公司根本没有投保信息,罗某早已从公司离职,其保单均系伪造。该公司保单印章只有“001号”、“002号”,从未用过“003号”。骗子骗了三人133万元“保费”许某等人傻了眼,三人共向罗某交了“保费”133万元,赶紧找罗某见面催款。罗某始终不肯见面,推托说资金投到其他项目里,一时收不回来,要耐心等待。三名被害人终于如梦初醒,决定向公安机关报案。公安机关经侦查于今年3月16日将犯罪嫌疑人罗某抓获。经过调查,罗某骗取的保费资金根本没有投什么项目,全部投进了网上赌博公司账户用于赌博,且输得精光。案发后,罗某仅退赃3万余元。法院审理后认为,罗某以非法占有为目的,在签订、履行合同过程中,骗取对方当事人财物,数额巨大,已构成合同诈骗罪。罗某骗取多名被害人,且将赃款用于赌博挥霍,应从重处罚,遂作出上述判决。今日,公诉该案的硚口区检察院承办检察官介绍案情时称,提审罗某时,罗某非常懊悔,声称赌博害了他,他将女博士许某也害惨了,感叹自己的所作所为是“害人害己”。“等待罗某的自然是漫长牢狱生涯,然而许某等三名被害人的血汗钱也全部化作泡影。”检察官扼腕叹息地称,令人遗憾的是,这起诈骗案的手法并不高明,在保险制度日趋成熟的当今社会,作为受过高等教育的许某,只需要稍有一点防范意识,持签订的保单向保险公司核实一下,就能防范骗局,这个案件根本就不会发生。(记者余皓)相关的主题文章: