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The judicial racquet "regret shoot" will be blacklisted original title: Justice racquet "regret shoot" will be blacklisted JINGWAH Times News (reporter Wang Xiaofei) in the auction market, if the parties regret shoot, required to bear the responsibility, and in the judicial racquet, the parties "I take" not only to make up the difference, will also be included in the judicial network blacklist. Yesterday morning, Beijing City Court held a judicial network briefing, informed the case to the hospital in a year and a half of judicial auction disposal, and according to the "regret shoot" to suggest that the re auction price lower than the original auction price, the original buyer shall pay for the balance. According to the third of the judicial committee of the special committee of Zhang Xianchang, the third hospital on June 2014 in taobao.com judicial auction area, in March 27, 2015 launched the first judicial network, the full implementation of the judicial auction network in the case of auction, as of October this year, the third hospital has carried out judicial network work for 1 years 7 months. As of October 31st this year, the number of cases of third hospital through judicial network to dispose of the property for 97, online auction 119 times, a total of 96 pieces of the auction subject matter, 67 turnover, the total turnover of nearly 618 million yuan, the turnover rate was 69.8%, the average premium rate of 35.43%, saving more than 308 yuan for the party commission. Real estate auction average 10 days, the average real estate auction time of 20 days. Compared to the traditional commissioned auction, the average annual savings of 25 days of real estate auction, real estate auction average savings of up to 35 days. The most intense auction has 61839 people, 337 people signed up, 484 bids, 133 time delay. In May 2015, a judicial auction network living in Guangdong city of Maoming province in the beam of a third hospital held successfully bid to 2504 yuan, to assess the price, starting price of 300 yuan for a iPhone5 mobile phone. After the success of the auction, Liang did not pay the price within the prescribed period to the third hospital account. Liang auction price is too high, no intention to buy the mobile phone is always refused to pay the auction balance, expressed "regret shoot". Since then, the hospital in accordance with the law to the phone network judicial auction, the final turnover of 2020 yuan. According to the relevant judicial interpretations, the price of re auction is lower than the original auction price, the original buyer shall make up the difference. The third court ruled that the law two times the original buyer auctioneer Liang filled the difference 484 yuan turnover, and implementation in place, all allocated to the original implementation of the case for the implementation of people. At the same time, according to the law will be incorporated into the judicial network pat black list". According to the Third Hospital of the implementation of the three Court vice president Zhang Yadong said, "regret shoot" behavior in direct violation of the interests of the parties at the same time, also affected the judicial authority, cost is a kind of judicial resources, disrupt the normal order of the judicial behavior. Therefore, it is necessary to give the beat to the corresponding legal sanctions, but also for the "regret to shoot" to a certain legal warning, to protect the future of the normal judicial auction order, safeguard judicial authority. In the typical case of the racquet is the largest turnover target in September 22nd this year, the third hospital successfully executed the Beijing racquet xinggangwan Trade Co. Ltd. all 7相关的主题文章: