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Nine year old girl opened the campus body many knives dying in the night of November 8th, the "city" reported the news hotline received a phone call, a nine year old girl was seriously wounded in the school campus. Who is this? Our reporter went to Kaifeng overnight to find out what happened!!! Tick rescue site instrument to allow the air to become solemn, at the moment, life in a race with time · · · · · · Dean Wang Songtao said, working for many years, had never seen anyone could do such a cruel thing for a little girl. There are many wounds on the child, because of the need for surgery, the reporter also failed to take more pictures. Reporters arrived at a hospital in Kaifeng on the evening of November 8th at 11:50. At this point, the little girl has been rescued for more than six hours, but the operation is still not over, the little girl is still dying. Medical staff say the surgery will last at least second days at two o’clock in the morning. According to the reporter, the child’s palm from the back to the palm tendon, has broken all. At eleven a.m. on November 9th, the reporter came to Kaifeng Dong Tong school. After understanding, the little girl surnamed Zhao, who lives in Xu Xiang River. She went to school on the day of the accident. But what kind of person, to a children under ten years of age under the hands? At 12 noon in November 9th, the reporter came to Xu River Dong hall school. The spot was clearly visible. Originally, in November 8th, about 4:30 in the afternoon, has entered the school a suspected mentally ill women followed in the construction of the building, and to pull the car after the nine year old girl chase. Now the police have intervened. Is the person who cuts the little girl suffering from mental illness? Are school security measures in place? These questions have not yet been answered explicitly. As of now, the reporter learned that the little girl has been out of danger, transferred to the ICU for monitoring, the relevant departments have this investigation. Source: city reports (dushibaodao65732233) reporter: Jiang Peng editor: Zhang Haiyang Li Jingjing editor: section Lina

开封九岁女孩校园内身中多刀 生命垂危11月8日晚上,《都市报道》新闻热线接到电话,一名九岁的小女孩在学校校园内竟然被人砍成重伤。究竟是谁下此毒手?我们记者连夜赶往开封,一探究竟!!!抢救现场仪器的滴答让空气变得凝重,此刻,生命在和时间赛跑······院长王松涛表示,从医多年以来,从没见过有人能对一个小女孩做出如此狠毒之事。孩子身上有多处伤口,因手术需要,记者也未能拍到更多画面。记者在11月8日晚上11点50分赶到开封一家医院。此时,小女孩儿已经被抢救了六个多小时,但是,手术依然未能结束,小女孩儿仍然生命垂危。相关医务人员说,手术至少要进行到第二天凌晨两点。据记者了解,孩子的手掌从背侧到掌侧肌腱,已全部断裂。11月9日上午十一点,记者来到开封董堂学校。经了解,小女孩姓赵,家住开封许河乡。出事那天她就在学校上课。但究竟是什么人,会对一个不满十岁的孩子下此毒手呢?11月9号的中午12点,记者来到了许河董堂学校。事发地点血迹清晰可见。原来,11月8日下午4点半左右,有一疑似精神病患者的妇女尾随在建楼房的拉料车后,进入学校,并对九岁的小女孩进行追砍。目前警方已经介入。砍伤小女孩的人是否患有精神病?学校的安保措施是否到位?这些问题都还没有得到明确的答复。截至目前,记者了解到,小女孩已经脱离生命危险,转入特护病房进行监护,相关部门已就此展开调查。来源:都市报道(dushibaodao65732233)记者:蒋鹏 编辑:张海洋 李京京 主编:段荔娜相关的主题文章: