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Kang Liang: how many – known Sohu published: Kang Liang hematochezia health deputy chief physician, associate professor, deputy director of colorectal surgery, the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, two. A more than and 50 year old haemorrhoid patient, the body has been relatively tough, just the past two years often found on the stool with some dark red blood, he always thought it was bleeding hemorrhoids, so do not be too concerned about, until a chance to do a colonoscopy examination, found that there is a surface erosion of upper rectal tumor, almost fill the intestinal cavity by biopsy pathology revealed adenocarcinoma of the rectum is. When the doctor told him that he found in the stool should be early colonoscopy done, he is very regret, a deep sigh, "I don’t know……" Hematochezia: visible and invisible stool. The stool suggests that blood in the stool, medicine will be visible to the naked eye, known as the dominant blood stool, is invisible for fecal occult blood. Bleeding may be a sign of gastrointestinal cancer, sometimes the only signs of early cancer. See: black except drops in the outside surface of blood stool, the stool is the most common form of black. The digestive tract hemorrhage, the outflow of blood in the esophagus and stomach to the decomposition of iron sulfide and the intestine, combined with bacteria, the formation of iron sulfide and black. When the amount of bleeding in 50 ~ 70 ml (a small cup) above can appear black and black tar; that shit like paving the road for that, the amount of bleeding in the 100 ~ 500 ml (a bowl to a bottle), if for 3 ~ 4 day tarry stool, bleeding may explain to achieve more than 1000 ml of blood, about 14 of the total patients may begin to appear in shock, immediately sent to hospital emergency. Invisible: occult blood is blood loss is too small or the blood has been broken down to the unaided eye blood in the stool, must through the fecal occult blood test "can be found, but occult blood does not mean less bleeding, some upper digestive tract (such as gastric, biliary tract bleeding) patients, although the amount of bleeding a lot, but the blood from the esophagus to the anus in the long journey has been digested into fragments, only through the occult blood test to find its traces. In general, gastrointestinal hemorrhage 1 days in 5 ml (a tube), and can be positive for occult blood, stool color without change. Need to be reminded that the weak positive occult blood test (tested on a "+"), is not necessarily a stool, in the diet of animal meat (mainly red meat), blood (meat, blood iron can also form a black iron sulfide in the human gut) or taking drugs containing iron, also can cause the blood. In addition to these foods or drugs may also cause excessive, "false black", a dark, dark black, not associated with any other symptoms. The source of blood in the stool "three" stool often just gastrointestinal bleeding, especially the lower digestive tract (from the small intestine to the anus) bleeding, hematochezia hidden behind a "murderer", in our digestive tract, these murderers are generally divided into three sections by. Anal segment first相关的主题文章: