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Ke Zhendong calm look at the new boyfriend Elva Hsiao: what emotions can? – Beijing, Beijing, August 30, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, Ke Zhendong attended the 29 "goodbye" tile City before attending the Venice Film Festival press conference, Ke Zhendong and Elva Hsiao from 2014 (ELVA) has recently been witnessed to break up, the woman street in Thailand and new love, Ke Zhendong was asked about also generous blessing. See the reporter ask even laughed and said: "just ask good!" Super indifferent attitude. Elva Hsiao is a woman named Michael Chen is from the end of the Taiwanese American student, 13 years her junior, tall and handsome appearance, or golf players, on behalf of Taiwan university to attend the World Golf Championships, won the bronze award. In the face of the old woman is younger than him, Ke Zhendong smiled and said: "of course the blessing ah! Hope… Happy." He admits that he is filming the slippery mobile phone to see the news, point into the media scene, also asked: "not only boys with her back?" For is not quite concerned about each other? He said: "I care about all the entertainment news." As for whether they continue to contact each other? Ke Zhendong said, in fact, as long as the holiday or birthday will bless each other, the moment to see the reaction of the news is also very calm, he laughed: "so long, I can have any mood?" Show maturity.相关的主题文章: