Ken Chu Han Wenwen married four missing a romantic F4 or the world (video) yuanjiao

Ken Chu Han Wenwen married four missing a romantic F4 or Qiangjing Ken Chu 3.65 carat pink diamond strength pet wife sent to Han Wenwen Tencent entertainment news in September 3rd, Ken Chu Han Wenwen Island Wedding romantic, experienced Chinese "down to earth" abducting culture full of links, 3 pm the couple arrived at the hotel of the church, in front of God Xu the vows of love, two people affectionate confession touched every scene of relatives and friends, and the F4 brothers Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu, is to add a warm memories of youth and beyond ten years of brotherhood to cherish this beautiful wedding. Forget early heart hand in hand before Thanksgiving everything is the best arrangement in the blue and white flowers, light on the romantic music, the bride Han Wenwen walked slowly to the Ken Chu side, step by step, as if they meet the way since know and know each other. Go forward hand in hand, in the presence of God, the father and the relatives and friends of the witness, two people exchange rings, promise each other forever sacred oath, not too much rhetoric, simple words but out of the two people the most sincere heart, just in time to meet in life the most appropriate that you. The scene like this piece of blue and white sea which contains the meaning, love is pure, love is eternal, not neglect love heart. The scene with the blessings of family and friends, a couple is falling tears of happiness, said Ken Chu first met Han Wenwen was "laughing eyes" to attract, identified as his own destiny. A Shenyang, a Taipei, the couple across the Strait due to fate fell in love, and in April this year in Shenyang licensing, even if the process cumbersome, but let two people love bravely, work together to come, everything just right, everything is the best arrangement. F4 three Fit Wedding brotherhood F4 fifteen anniversary gathering unchanged at the beginning of the wedding is expected to fit Ken Chu, Jerry Yan was busy working to arrive personally, make a public hope wedding staged F4 fit fans sad, but the church wedding ceremony, Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu have arrived at the scene, low-key seated, witnessed a good brother happy moments. Talking about the previous news reports, Jerry Yan said "brother’s wedding scene is inevitable, but to his surprise I do; F4 is a symbol of a generation, whether it is F1, 2 or 3, is just a number, number is not representative of any brotherhood, in fact we are all very good". A friendship between the brothers, breaking force printing of all kinds of rumors, hoping to let all the fans is to rekindle the F4 fifteen anniversary of re assembly. F4 three wedding again brought a youth idol memories kill many people, "laments" meteor garden "in the west do not believe in love in life, and finally found the small and understand their own, marriage need to operate, hope every F4 people harvest happiness". It is reported that after the upgrade the "husband" Ken Chu, his wife Han Wenwen in marital partner is not only the first variety show, band music, movie, will also participate in the work of the director himself, boys promotion quality good man, open a new happy life.相关的主题文章: