Kim Hee Sun sun girl photo that no cosmetic! In fact, her daughter is now a good-looking candy boy

Kim Hee Sun sun girl photo that no cosmetic! In fact, her daughter has now become a good look at the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Xiong Xiaoyao said that the first beauty of South Korea, who will you think of the first reaction? Song Hye Kyo? Gianna Jun? Or Kim Tae Hee? They are the Korean goddess level, are well deserved. But then push forward, for many years, the title of Korea’s first beauty actually has to be Kim Hee Sun! But over the years, she was questioned again and again cosmetic, non natural. Two days before her posting on the Internet and share their teenage sentimental old photos, seemed to prove their own not plastic. Alone on the photo, Xiong Bao seriously, said to be the United States to hey! With big eyes and bushy eyes, delicate features, like a doll. And then turned over her previous photos, I feel she grew up, in fact, is a beauty ah.   and at the age of sixteen has been on beauty brush face into the entertainment circle,   for so many years, she also has been in the line of sight of the audience brought up. 95 years of "bathhouse men" 98 years "goodbye my love" 05 years "sad love song" and the same year that China let the audience familiar with her "myth" I now on her dance in the movie clips is also impressive. Almost beautiful cry! At the end of last year’s "angry mother" and this year’s "city of fantasy" as the actress facial smecta, adjustment is an understood thing. But she has not changed since this way, the degree of change is not too great. So the question is, do we have any misunderstanding about Kim Hee Sun before? In fact, think carefully, Kim Hee Sun was said to face plastic surgery, the most challenging sound when she gave birth to her daughter. Do you remember the first time she sent her daughter’s picture? Because there is the first beauty of South Korea, said Kim Hee Sun’s daughter, naturally expect the value is very high, can be the result. This is the release of the photos. Here here here to eat melon and group gape: exo me!? This is the first beauty of South Korea’s daughter! Small eyes, thick lips with Kim Hee Sun beauty style is completely different. Finally, we also know the development of public opinion, the public collective poor evaluation, that the little girl and her mother Kim Hee Sun is simply a "buyers show" and "seller show". Then, firmly believe that Kim Hee Sun is a man-made beauty. But for some time ago, see Kim Hee Sun with her daughter to participate in a Korean family of programs. Her seven year old daughter has a long way down down down or small single lidded eyes, but not much cuter than when? If the female big eighteen change! So it is not easy to draw conclusions, a child can not prove anything. Not to mention the old Kim Hee Sun cosmetic surgery? Gene is not a person’s pot, not to say that her daughter long like a father? What the attention, to play the melody, chat from WeChat public, sina entertainment"相关的主题文章: