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Korean media: Chinese carrier construction progress than expected as British aircraft carrier China cutting-edge force the first domestic aircraft carrier construction site picture exposure, (small) carrier upper Island (red box shows) clearly visible. (source: Hongkong "Oriental Daily" website) original title: Korean media: Chinese carrier construction progress than expected as British aircraft carrier combat new reference news network reported on August 31st Korean media said, in early August, China members of the Central Military Commission Zhang Youxia visited the Dalian shipbuilding industry group, the first indigenous aircraft carrier. China independent design research and development of photo spread network. At the same time, the exposure of the photos can also be seen in Dalian, the construction of the aircraft hull have almost completed, almost all bridge – command department built aircraft carrier, only the final assembly work. According to South Korea, Central Daily website reported on August 30th, Chinese military expert Cao Weidong said: the end of the year is expected to launch the domestic aircraft carrier, from the water to combat deployment, about 2 to 3 years." Compared to a year ago, the exposure of satellite photos, this progress greatly exceeded expectations. A military source said: "the comprehensive judgment according to the technical ability public carrier photos and Chinese, that Dalian new carrier can be achieved with the British medium-sized aircraft carrier ship" Queen Elizabeth "the same level of combat," he said, "the carrier is about 300 meters long, the maximum displacement of 65 thousand ton, speed up to 25 (more than 46 kilometers per hour)." The source predicted, "including 24 to 32 fighters, 15 fighters, plus early warning machine, machine, electronic warfare helicopter and so on, it is expected that the new aircraft carrier aircraft carrying capacity can reach 40 ~ 50, than can be equipped with 24 fighters of the 15" Liaoning "has improved. Chinese military expert Li Jie believes that the new aircraft carrier by shortening the distance and change the design structure, can make more space to load the aviation fuel, ammunition and spare parts. Reported that the new aircraft carrier is likely to be deployed to the southernmost tip of mainland Hainan, Sanya Province, that is, China’s new aircraft carrier will be the main activities in the South China sea. South Korean military experts said: you can always send more than and 30 fighters to attack the mobile base once into the relevant waters, the situation in the South China Sea will be completely different now." Reported that, in addition to the construction of aircraft carriers, China is still carrying out the training of pilots and other carriers to improve the ability to work. In August 22nd, China first graduation ceremony was held in Liaoning on the ship, as a new batch of pilot aircraft issued a driver’s license, Chinese is from the selection of elite talent has 800 hours of flight experience of the pilot, from 2 to 3 years of training them into training pilots. South Korean military sources said, China plans to sail from the current form of ski jumping into a more advanced catapult, is in accordance with the plan to carry out ground exercises". U.S. military authorities said that China’s goal is to build in 2025, including six nuclear powered aircraft carriers, including the aircraft carrier. As a result, the scope of the Chinese navy will not only be confined to offshore defense, and will gradually develop into an ocean navy. Reported that china"相关的主题文章: