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Leveraging the film market of Chinese film to "go out" –   film "Chinatown entertainment Sohu; Holmes" received the Xinhua News Agency Italy Venice September 7th news (reporter Zhang Mandiao Ze) seventy-third Venice Film Festival is underway, although not involved in the Chinese movie Golden Lion Award competition, but the film market Chinese filmmakers figure eye-catching. With the Shanghai International Film Festival "the train platform, the number of Chinese films at the Venice Film Festival screenings, film makers to international peers actively promote their own projects, work together to promote the Chinese movie" going out". At the Venice Film Festival, the Shanghai International Film Festival is located at the center. This is the film festival organized the first "international train" project in Venice, to promote the film and movie venture project. The reporter learned from the film festival, the "international train" project in the film festival parallel unit "Venice day" on Chinatown "unit recommended Holmes" and "carrying a heart hanging bile" two film, "my heart." "out of" dust "Huan? Love" "the ice river hunt" 4 works won the film festival screenings market opportunities. In addition, the "international train" project also brought the "Changle street youth" "summer day" just "friends" and other 5 venture capital projects, representative pieces of the project held a public statement in the "Venice day", one on one with international investors. The film festival organizing committee told reporters that the "international train" project has been completed, the film can be approached by foreign issuers debut film market, promote the international sale; for being the financing of venture capital projects, it can communicate with the face of statements, for Sino foreign co production and financing opportunities, try to extend both venture capital unit Coproductions also, perfecting new mechanism of project incubation. According to the organizing committee, the "international train" project with the help of the film festival brand and the influence of the platform, to provide more international cooperation to Party exchange opportunities, than a single company or party to promote more effective, and the promotion of a series of new projects, new film, also has a focusing effect, enhance attention degree. "The train" project was the film festival for parallel units "Venice day" Chairman George gosetti affirmation. He told reporters, Shanghai International Film Festival is also a major international film festival respected. Now more and more international film festival’s self positioning is no longer just a platform for film competition, but to create a good environment for the industry, recommend good projects and film talent." Chinese producers actively seek international cooperation but also to George gosetti impressed. He told reporters that China has noticed the trend of professional filmmakers, he was very pleased to see a number of professional film talent is growing. It is reported that the "through train" project successful film and project negotiations reached more than 30 games, 5 venture capital projects, to seek international partners have the intention of cooperation. "Friends" producer Long Miaoyuan told reporters that the international train project can help the film practitioners to establish a network of partnerships, although not able to get immediate results.相关的主题文章: