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Li Keqiang: let the people’s consumption potential become the motive power of economic growth – the Sohu news [one] understand that "Ta" drink fruit juice, a famous Coca Cola Co has adjusted its formula of fruit juice; "Ta" as everyone knows love tea, Native American coffee brand Starbucks introduced a special "best Black Tea latte" drink; even Apple Corp CEO Tim Cook has admitted that the Apple Corp? In the design of the new product will put "Ta" taste into consideration. "Ta" is the Chinese consumer. Ta’s escalating consumer demand, not only to attract these super multinational companies, but also become the driving force of China’s GDP growth in the world’s second largest economy. According to the National Bureau of statistics released the latest data, the first three quarters of this year, the final consumption expenditure of Chinese GDP growth in the contribution rate of 71%, 13.3 percentage points higher than the same period last year, has become the strongest support for economic growth this year. "Pay more attention to brand, quality and service." A "double 11" report from the Jingdong is a portrait of "Ta". The report analysis, Ta represents the rise of the new generation of consumers, the direct birth of China’s consumer upgrade. Official data and folk conclusions confirm each other, indicating that the consumer upgrade revolution to the Chinese economy into a new vitality. British economist magazine is expected: the total size of China’s personal consumption has reached $3 trillion and 200 billion, and by 2020 will reach $5 trillion and 600 billion. In March 25, 2016, Li Keqiang visits Hainan Music City Boao International Medical Tourism pilot area [two] "expand consumer to collect the stream into the river, so that hundreds of millions of people’s consumption potential has become a strong driving force to promote economic growth." Premier Li Keqiang in 2015 government work report clearly put forward to accelerate the growth of consumer spending. It is worth noting that the emphasis here can be more than just buy buy buy, but focus on improving the quality and standards of consumer goods, consumer demand to meet the upgrade. The prime minister repeatedly stressed on many occasions, to lead the consumer to enhance the quality of advanced standards, forced the upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, is the implementation of the "2025 Chinese manufacturing", to promote the "China manufacturing" towards the end, strengthening the industrial development foundation of key. This year, held the 32 executive meeting of the State Council, there are 3 special research projects related to the deployment and upgrading of consumption. Recently held in October 14th will be related to the study of the deployment of health, education, sports, culture and other areas closely related to people’s livelihood to promote consumer upgrades. Li Keqiang said at the meeting, to conform to the expectations of the masses, reform and innovation to increase consumption, especially effective supply and services make up the short board, which is conducive to improving people’s livelihood, but also conducive to the development of new energy. A rather detailed details, symbolically shows the occurrence of this consumer upgrade in China: in 2012 the Chinese mainland market consumption of 44 billion packs of instant noodles, equivalent to a total of 34 bags per person. No one expected, in 2015 the instant noodles industry is in crisis, the whole line.相关的主题文章: