Li Tiehong the six major points of the stroke, the key moment to come in handy

Li Tiehong: six major points of the stroke, the key moment to come in handy – Sohu health

today continue to talk with you about one of the topics of the elderly stroke.

stroke and onset of the most typical clinical manifestations:

1, faint and become unconscious, hemiplegia and hemianesthesia, Kouyanwaixie, dysphasia and other specific clinical manifestations, only mild dizziness, hemianesthesia, Kouyanwaixie, hemiplegia etc..

2, more acute onset, well over the age of forty years of age.

3, before onset of dizziness headache, numbness and other symptoms of limb numbness.

4, often dizziness, headache, palpitation and other medical history, disease with emotional disorders, improper diet, or other causes of fatigue.

stroke of the six major points of TCM syndrome:

a, identify the meridian, viscera.

meridian although see eye and mouth askew, hemiplegia, language disadvantage, but no consciousness, clear consciousness; viscera refers to people or not suddenly fainted, delirious, misty, accompanied by paralysis of the limbs, Kouyanwaixie etc..

two, syndrome differentiation and syndrome differentiation of Zang Fu viscera

closed card is true, for evil in the clear orifices caused by disease see delirious, trismus, clenched jaw open, clenched hands, strong limbs spasm, the size will be closed; and the card is false, but for five true Yang off, yin and Yang will is about to leave when the clinical visible consciousness decrepit open eye, mouth, hands and limbs limp, limb cold sweat, two from the left, low breath. Closed card is common in a card by the card number closed off malignant transformed syndrome and seen in the closed off.

three, closing the card when the identification of Yang and Yin closed

According to whether or not

closed thermal image, but also Yang closed and Yin closed points. Yang closed into stasis heat phlegm fire stagnation closed orifices, visible body hot red face, rough snoring, phlegm sound such as drag saws, constipation, yellow urine, yellow and greasy fur, crimson tongue dry, even the tongue curled, slippery pulse string number. Yin close closed orifices of phlegm dampness syndrome, such as white face purple, phlegm, limbs not warm, white greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse.


had reverse discrimination

through the observation of stroke patients with "God", especially the pupil was God, can judge the inverse of cis. first in internal organs, such as consciousness became clear, without further increase or hemiplegia recovery, is a disease by the organs in turn in the meridians, disease prognosis is good; otherwise, the first in the meridians, patients gradually to coma, pupil.