Li Yifeng airborne tribal interest hand piece transnational anti routine sister Liao

Li Yifeng airborne tribal interest Satin hand up against Transnational Tencent sister routine entertainment news by Li Yifeng "tease" is what kind of experience? Starring Li Yifeng "sparrow" is a video Tencent and Hunan satellite TV, watching the drama side and peak interactive feel is really excited to breath! In September 14th, Li Yifeng again held interest in the QQ tribes, tribal and many sisters QQ group by the super male god gave up a! The airborne, 6 million 820 thousand people simultaneously online interaction, the 110 million point praise send heart, as well as the 404 thousand QQ group live synchronization! These data also refresh the record number of star airborne tribe! Male god’s high popularity is not really covered, there are about 2000000 people before the air reservation! Li Yifeng is not on the front line, the bees like the appointment with Shuabing "shouting" the name of Li Yifeng! When you hear the voice of Li Yifeng, we are so excited that it is really not good ah! And at this time the United States to participate in the New York fashion week Li Yifeng, regardless of time difference and busy work, while the other side of the side of the makeup with the bees, such as warm heart idol point praise! In a question and answer session when asked by the host as "sparrow" is the dream, as Genzheng Miao red five said at his youth play a very cool. While the yen value with IQ which is important on this issue, he did not forget the bees and interactive online, this technique called invincible Ah Mei liao! There are many girls chasing play good "asked" deep Liao sister skills and peak than who is superior, "God" is of course I respond without thinking"! Is so confident! Well, this is Li Yifeng! But the director also did not forget the belt, causing the bees for collective tease! Did not expect the peak release of strokes, a PO out of the self, the bees do not light up! Do you think there are countless ways to be up here in Li Yifeng, just a look, can let the person lost can’t sleep sleep! It is her sister circles carry handle! When someone asked: for the first time appeared in the agent type of role, the hard part is what time, peak actually answer a so many many sisters daydream answers: How Wall and wall – Dong dong. But when asked to teach demonstration, pretending not to hear, but also no one. Another problem after the water, and in first Century the problem: Feng Feng, brothers, bees and the country which is more important? The peak of the counter routine answer: in addition to peak are important! Nevertheless, in the hearts of bees, of course, the peak is the most important! In the face of 14 million 680 thousand Li Yifeng tribal fans, Feng said with deep feeling, "thank you all the time has never left"! Because there are other work on the same day, the interaction will soon end in the shed! However, did not catch up with the small partners do not be disappointed, because Feng said, he will often come to see your tribe yo! So remember to pay attention to the interests of the tribe QQ, tribal contact with their own love beans close contact! (Tencent entertainment)相关的主题文章: