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Liaoning County, Fushun, held the first Maple Festival tourists mountain tours first red – Fushun, September (reporter Shen Diancheng) 24, Liaoning County Maple Leaf early red. "Fushun first maple leaf Festival ceremony in Liaoning on 24 day mountain at Forest Park?. Fushun county is rich in resources, a wide variety of plant leaves, from five to thirteen range Jiaofeng Jiaofeng, from Acer ginala to Acer triflorum, because of wide distribution, large quantity, color thick, much attention inside and outside the province tourists. Every year in late September to mid October, Fushun County, mountain Forest Park, three stone national Forest Park leaves into the best viewing period, Manshan red purple, cenglinjinran beauty to attract a lot of tourists. Fushun County, the first maple leaf festival held in September 24th, cenglinjinran beauty attracts a lot of tourists come to watch Shen Diancheng taken Fushun county the first maple leaf festival day mountain Forest Park is located in the territory of majuanzhi village, where beautiful scenery, perennial misty, mysterious legend. In recent years, with the self driving travel and leisure travel warming, people in the beauty of "Eighteen bends" and "a day" to beat other attractions, in the network and the "circle of friends" in heat transfer, the "three Qi" is the mountain, so people are eager to spread like wildfire, a glimpse of the living fossil plant of Magnolia sieboldii the style, personally visit Liaoning’s longest "first day", to the chilly wind blowing sky breeze, find rare white bats. This year, the area also repeated the "sea of clouds" and "Buddha" spectacular wonders, to add more sieboldii mountain of mystery and popularity. According to local people, the local unique mountain sieboldii "microclimate" effect, great temperature difference between day and night every year the first red maple leaf, known as "the first leaf area in Liaoning". In recent years to sieboldii mountain tours "early red", people have gradually become the first choice of travel in autumn. At present, the whole park maple leaf discoloration rate of 16%, it is the first time to enjoy the best season. Fushun County, the first day of maple leaves for the media to continue to carry out taking photos at hand, treasure hunt, walking tours, agricultural products sales and other activities, and with the change of "the red maple index by red maple chase", timely transfer activities from the place to the three stone mountain Forest Park, national Forest Park, and all open three stone park the intention to build the waterfront park and valley view, Yixiang lake and other new attractions, for my people to increase interest. Fushun’s first maple leaf festival will continue until the end of October 23rd. (end)相关的主题文章: