Liaoning mtqipanshan hyphantriacunea rampant misinformation on tree harmless new network worms –ssport

" Liaoning mtqipanshan hyphantriacunea flood " the Department of misinformation on tree maggot harmless new network – Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network news (chief reporter Tang Kuiyang) recently, WeChat circle of friends, a post is crazy: "don’t Qipanshan play, on the steps, the trees, the rest of the bench. Everywhere, a round of caterpillar. In a few days, the caterpillar will turn into a white moth." In September 28th, the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Forestry forest protection station official said the rumor: by the forestry experts, these insects are not white moth larvae, but hair fly maggot. In September 28th, the forest protection station responsible person pointed to the photos provided by the users said that this round black worm is a furry fly maggots, not American white moth larvae, these worms are obviously different from those of white moth larvae. The responsible person stressed that white moth larvae are gathered in a tree, eat fresh plant leaves, including hair; and fly maggots are gathered under the trees, food to eat animal humus, carrion or dung. "Now, hair flies maggots Qipanshan the maggots belong to late autumn." The responsible person told the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter, because Mao flies maggots have social characteristics, thus showing aggregation phenomenon, at first glance very unsettling, but this kind of insect of trees, human bodies are harmless, people don’t have to worry about travel. He added that the urban forestry department is planning a pesticide spraying operation for the fall prone forest pests, so there will be no large-scale pest.相关的主题文章: